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I believe we can all agree that there are some great and very unusual iOS accessories out there. If you are following our reviews, than you have probably read about some rather unusual digital toys, photography equipment and remote controlled drones, which are all powered by your iOS device. In this article we’ll take a look at a lamp that’s created to work with your iPhone and iPad, which is not really that unusual or innovative, but it’s nice to see other companies try what Philips is already trying with their Hue lighting systems.

The Holi Smart Lamp is designed to connect with your iOS device in order to help you create the perfect lighting for any occasion. It comes with color changing LEDs and works with your iTunes library in order to bring out colorful atmosphere during a party. I am sure you’re somewhat impressed by now and you’re probably already thinking about the ways you can use this lamp, but unfortunately this is going to cost you $275, which is not affordable in any way. Is this lamp really worth the money? Continue reading to see its strengths and weaknesses before we make the final decision.

On a first look, many will be impressed or at least intrigued by the Holi’s minimalist design that resembles Apple’s design philosophy. This is actually a very smooth aluminum square with a hole in the central part, with the “Home button” at the bottom. What you can also see from the photographs is the blue cable that is actually very thick and visually distracting. I am surprised to see that designers took their time to create slimmed down profile and minimalist design of the lamp, but failed to implement it all the way through. These are actually those small details that can truly make a difference, and when it comes to premium-priced accessories like this one, this simply must not happen.

In order to connect the Holi lamp with you iOS device you will need to press and hold the Home button on the lamp until the light glows blue. Now connect the phone via Bluetooth and the light should turn green, to indicate that the pairing was successful. Now you can you use the free app provided by the Holi Smart Lamp to choose and edit lighting themes, turn on the Music mode, and set up the Wake Up mode as well.

The app is very intuitive and easy to use, and comes with lots of interesting options. You will spend most of your time trying out preloaded themes and creating your own ones, which are designed to project themed light right from the lamp onto any surface. There are some themes like Candles, Rainbow, Feel Good, and Inspiration, which are all very pleasant to look at and they can truly alter the space. It is interesting to note that color combinations are unlimited, so you can create any light pattern that you can possibly imagine.

The Music mode is there to accompany your iTunes playlists, but this also works with Deezer and Spotify. Even though there are not many options to choose from, this mode worked well and produced great results. On the other hand, the Wake Up mode is very problematic. This mode allows you to set up an alarm and then wake you up with a subtle tune and a light pattern. However, it seems that Holi fails to accept any parameters you input, which are being overwritten if you use the lamp after you set up an alarm.

The Holi Smart Lamp is more of a novelty and a toy than a real and useful product. The biggest downside is its high asking price, but there are also some problematic and malfunctioning features in the app as well. My general recommendation is to look what else is on the market.



Can be very interesting and fun to use. Effortless connectivity. Interesting iOS app.


Some design flaws. Malfunctioning features. Overpriced.


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