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Incipio is mostly known for their lineup of iPhone and iPad cases, but this company is also known for trying to enter other parts of the market. Up until now, MacReview brought you reviews of several Incipio’s products, like the LGND case as well as the range of Watson wallet cases. On the other hand, we tested the offGRID PRO, which was the product created to prolong iPhone’s battery life. 

Today we will be taking a look at yet another product made by this company, but this is not a case or a battery pack. It seems that Incipio decided to offer their own charging solution, designed to ease up charging of multiple iOS devices at the same time. This product doesn’t bring any revolutionary or groundbreaking innovation, but it promises to cut a few cables out of your desk, which does seem interesting and helpful enough. After all, I am sure there are many people who are using more than one iOS device, which creates actual need for a product like this one. Incipio has decided to name this product as Desktop Charging Station, and it is priced at $40.

Desktop Charging Station brings two USB ports, promised to bring 2.4-Amps of power, which is enough to charge two iPads at full speed. In the packaging, you will also receive a power adapter and a USB extender as well.

When it comes to installation, things are straightforward. This device tapers down from 1.5 inches up to a bit more than 1 inch on the other end, where the input is located. The larger end houses two USB ports stacked on top of each other. What I liked about this product is that it comes with adhesive layer on the bottom, so you can stick it onto your desk. However, I wished this layer were able to create stronger connection, since if you are not careful you will pull the whole charger. On the other hand, what I really didn’t like is how enormous the power brick is. This part is about 2 inches wide, which means that it can block adjacent outlets, and it looks rather unsightly. I really wished that designers at Incipio took their time to create a better alternative and come up with details which are maybe minor, but which would tell us that this is one of those thoughtfully designed products. 

We also decided to test charging speeds and see if USB ports are able of delivering promised output speeds. After several charging cycles, I can say that Incipio has done a good job, since charging speeds are equivalent to 2.4-Amps of power output.

Even though it comes with some design flaws, Desktop Charging Station is very functional and delivers promised charging speeds. The asking price of $40 is equivalent to two of Apple’s chargers, which seems reasonable enough even though I would like to see even better price. Still, I am sure that many users are going to like this product and use it on a daily basis.


Very functional. Delivers promised charging speeds. Good price.


Some questionable design decisions.


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