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We can all agree that productivity apps are one of the most important and frequently used apps on our iOS devices. Even though every iOS version is equipped with several tools that allow you to track your time, appointments, and other obligations, these still feel very basic in many ways. This was the way for Apple to leave some space for third party developers who are interested in dedicating their time to create rich and practical productivity apps. Due to tough competition in the Store, you are able to buy an amazing app that will serve you for a long time, for just a couple of dollars. This is probably one of the best sides of Apple’s rich ecosystem of apps and services.

One of the most active categories in the App Store are productivity apps. These apps tend to evolve rather quickly, which makes them interesting to review and benchmark. Kazzy is one of the newest additions to the Store, which made quite an impact upon its release. This is a task management and organizing app that is trying to bring innovative controls and a new way of staying on top of things. I was very interested in trying this app out since it captured my attention ever since I looked at the screenshots, but as it turns out – these can be deceiving at times. Continue reading to learn more about how this app can be used and if it’s worth downloading it.

Kazzy 1

Just as you can imagine by taking a look at its screenshots, this app is trying to step up by offering innovative ways of adding and tracking appointments and other entries. What is crucial with these apps is that they need to provide a well-rounded tutorial that will explain all the essentials. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Kazzy, which is throwing you deep into its confusing controls that you need to figure out by yourself. The first thing you will need to do is to add a new entry, and this can be done by drawing a circle to form one appointment. You will get to draw a timeline into the provided dial that corresponds to the exact time of your selection. Once you are done, you will see that Kazzy has randomly appointed a color, and now you can give a name to this entry. This way you can add numerous tasks, and they can overlap as well.

Once I tried to do some customizations and other even a bit more complex operations, I realized that Kazzy is quite limited. For example, you won’t be able to move entries, other than delete them and recreate them using a new time. In addition, if you add more than ten new entries you will see that the interface becomes cluttered, so in a way it will work against itself. Finally, there are no categories or any other sorting options.

Kazzy is free to download and use, but comes with premium themes which are priced at $1 each. I need to praise their appearance, even though their value is lowered by limited functionality.

Kazzy is trying to be different and innovate, but the end product feels like a missed opportunity. The App Store offers much better alternatives, which are also free of charge, but many of them are very functional and useful.



PROS: Interesting concept. Beautifully designed themes.


CONS: Very limited in functionality. Feels like a missed opportunity.


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