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These days it is much harder to succeed on the market of iOS-compatible accessories, mostly because there are so many different categories and niches. This means that developers and designers are always trying to come up with something different and to improve functionality or resolve some annoying issues that we might have with our phones. Among the companies that are always surprising me with their innovative ways of trying to make an impact, Logitech is one of the most successful. I am not sure if this successfulness translates to large profits, mostly because there are many Logitech’s products that failed to attract much needed attention, but it translates to their impact on general product evolution.

Logitech recently announced their plans on creating the ultimate iPhone case, and today you will get to learn more about this product. This is actually a system of several parts that creates multifunctional smartphone case, so in other words – it is designed to replace several iPhone accessories. This product is called the Case+ and it is priced at $200. Continue reading to see how Case+ actually works and if it’s worth the investment.

Case+ 2

The Case+ is actually the iPhone 5S/5 case onto which you can add or connect additional parts. This way you will get several functions like rugged protection with foldable stand, wallet case, car dashboard mount, and extended battery pack. You will need to place the phone into the main case that actually offers great protection and it is also nicely designed. The case features brushed aluminum that serves as the magnetized area for other accessories to connect.

In order to get rugged protection and foldable stand, you will need to connect the +Tilt. This accessory attaches through magnetization and features three foldable panels. It is designed to stay on the back side of the phone, so even though it can provide some additional protection, its main role is to hold the phone in two viewing angles.

An accessory named +Drive is a dashboard car mount. You can also stick it to the windshield as well. It features very simple and minimalist design, and attaches through magnetization. This connection seems to be very strong, so you don’t have to worry about accidental fall.

Next, we have the +Wallet which provides several pockets for cash and credit cards. I am not sure how practical this is, since it is very easy for someone to take credit cards or remove the wallet part completely, even though it needs some force in order to break the connection.

Finally, we have the +Energy. This is an external battery pack that also serves as a case. It connects to the Lightning port via somewhat large adapter. This case brings 2300mAh of additional juice, which doubles the battery life of a stock iPhone.

I am happy to say that the Case+ is very quality made and it actually works as advertised. However, this system is complicated for everyday use, since it is trying to do many things at once. On the other hand, it costs $200 and it seems that we will see iPhones with larger screens very soon. This means that the Case+ will become obsolete in just a couple of months. Even though I can give much deserved credit to Logitech for creating such interesting product, it is hard to find its practical value.



PROS: Quality made. Works as advertised.


CONS: Questionable practical value. High priced.


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