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The App Store offers plenty of useful photo editors that can replace desktop applications. This especially goes for iPad-compatible apps, since even professional photographers are choosing to use touchscreen-driven operations to bring out the best from their photos. However, this does not leave iPhones in the dust, since there are some great photo editors that are universal and which work great on smaller screens as well.

While many are choosing iOS photo editors based on their complexity and preloaded content they offer, there are many who are willing to spend their money on a much simpler apps. Not everyone wants to spend their time setting up every single aspect of a photo, and not everyone is ready to take a plunge into learning all the aspects of photography. MagiCam ($1) is an iOS app that provides easy to use filtering and quality adjustment, which might be interesting to those who are looking for a simple iOS photo editor. The same developer who brought us the Camera+, which is one of the most popular photo editors that comes with plenty of fine-tuning and detailing, also made this app.

MagiCam scr2 MagiCam 1

I had high expectations for the MagiCam, mostly because I am a big fan of the Camera+. If a company managed to create such complex and useful app as the Camera+ is, I imagined that the same effort would be put into creating simpler but equally useful MagiCam. In the beginning, my expectations were met. The app brings very simple and easy to use interface that opens up with the main camera view, from where you can take pictures. In the bottom part of the screen there’s a scrollable ribbon that shows previously taken photos, and the very bottom is reserved for the main camera tools. These are the flash options, ability to switch cameras, changing the format, and the capture button. Once you take a photo, you will be taken to the “mood view”, from where you can pick one of nine preloaded filters.

I have tried all of the available filters in combination with different scenes, and for the most part I was very pleased with the result. It was clear that my photos were enhanced to bring out the color and details, and to correct some lighting issues. However, it bothered me not to have any control over these filters, since there is no way to adjust their parameters. I needed to remind myself that this app is made for those who want simplicity and effectiveness, and I believe that MagiCam is offering just that.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this app are very interesting animations that are fun to experience at first, but they become annoying after a while. Especially sparkles and sound effects, which can be muted.

If you are looking for a simple way to enhance your photos, MagiCam could be the best solution. However, if you’re interested in adjusting parameters on your own, no matter how simple they might be, I recommend looking for another iOS photo editor.



PROS: Very easy to use. Quick and effective. Nine preloaded “moods”.


CONS: Annoying animations and sound effects.


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