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Accessory makers are giving their best to create their own unique visual identities, which can be seen on their products as well as throughout their product lines. On today’s market is essential to create your own brand, which needs to be recognized in a matter of seconds. Apple is probably one of the best examples on how to use graphic and industrial design to create their well-known brand, worshiped by hundreds of millions across the world. What this means is that it isn’t enough anymore to create a fully functional and nicely designed product, since it also needs to have its own ideology and mission, as well as heavy dose of marketing as well.

Even though you might not recognize their products right away, Moshi is one of those companies that are known for attractive and user-friendly design. During the last year, we have seen several of Moshi’s products, mainly iPad cases and covers, which are following their own design path. We previously reviewed the VersaCover, which ultimately got our highest recommendation. Today we will be taking a look at their newest product, the VersaKeyboard.

One of the best things about the VersaCover was how nicely designed it was as well as its unique “folding” feature that was inspired by origami techniques. The good news is that the VersaKeyboard also brings foldable front cover, but it also brings a keyboard on its back. This one is priced at $100, which seems comparable with the rest of iPad-compatible keyboard cases.

If you have read our VersaCover review, than there’s not much to say about the cover of the product we’re reviewing today. This one is made for the iPad Air, which means that the cover is bigger than before, but its functionality remains the same. You will be able to fold the cover in three different ways, which are providing three viewing angles. This works very well in practice, every position is easy to set up, and no matter how you place your tablet, it will remain in its place at all times.

The back side of the case brings integrated keyboard, which can be simply pushed out of its position. The keyboard is very small and light, and comes with five rows of keys. The top row is reserved for the numbers as well as the media keys, which can be activated in combination with the function key. Even though the keyboard is quality made and the key switches are very responsive and fast, the main problem here is how small this keyboard is. I understand that designers at Moshi were limited by iPad’s physical characteristics, which is now limiting functionality of this product. You will need to spend some time learning how to get the most out of this keyboard, and practice your typing. On the other hand, this makes it the perfect travel companion, because of this small size and weight.

The VersaKeyboard has its upsides and downsides, but I am sure that many users are going to love it. This product is made for those who need protection for their tablets, as well as the keyboard for occasional use. If you need a keyboard for everyday use, I would recommend looking what else is on the market. 



Attractively designed. Foldable into three viewing angles. Integrated keyboard.


Keyboard is rather small and cramped.


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