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Like many other Apple’s iOS apps, the Photos app leaves much to be desired. Even though this app is doing its job of displaying and organizing photos stored in an iPhone’s memory, there are many useful and not that complicated features that could be implemented. I am sure that Apple will leave the Photos app in its current condition and only refine its rough edges, at least for a while. It is clear that every Apple’s iOS app is going through somewhat slow progress, which sparked discussions about leaving open space for iOS App Store to grow and offer third party alternatives. After all, this is a great deal for the company as well as for thousands of developers.

Polymo, by c3a LTD, is a simple camera app and a photo viewer that is trying to upgrade the original Photos app. The main idea behind Polymo is to provide you with ability to organize photos using non-traditional tags. It also features somewhat enhanced gallery view, and also some other smaller tools that you cannot find in the stock version of iOS. Still, the question is if most of us would be willing to pay $2 to get these features. Let us dig deeper into this app and see what it’s capable of.

Polymo 2

Every time you open Polymo you’ll be taken to its camera view, from where you can start taking photos. Even though you will get to see occasional tutorial pop-up messages, the app is very simple and straightforward. The camera view is offering tools to capture images, switch cameras, set up flash settings, change the size of the photo, and readjust the focus and exposure. In other words, you will be getting the stock Camera app with slightly upgraded UI. However, the main feature of this app is hidden in the camera view, and could be seen in the upper part of the screen. If you tap on the white bar, you will get to add keywords that will be used as tags throughout the app. The keywords could be added and removed, but also switched on/off, and edited at any time. You can set them up before starting to take pictures, which seems like a very useful addition. By adjusting tags before each photo session, you can effortlessly organize images and preview them later.

Polymo can be used to organize images that are already stored in the Camera Roll. You will be able to import and tag them. Once you get all the photos you need, you can preview their tags and locations, make them private, and share them as well.

What is important to mention is that you shouldn’t expect to see photos that were taken using Polymo in the Camera Roll. However, you can export them, but the problem is that you will need to export one by one. The app is still in its 1.0 version, so I expect this to be resolved, but currently there is no way to export a batch of photos at once.

I can see myself using Polymo on a daily basis since it brings a couple of simple features that are turning out to be essential. Even though there are some unpolished areas and some questionable design decisions, I hope Polymo will receive updates that will make the app stand out in the crowd of iOS camera apps.



PROS: Simple and effective flat design. Easy to use. Combines photo taking and organizing.


CONS: A few unpolished features.


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