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Freelancing has become a global trend, uniting contractors with talented workers who may be tens of thousands of miles apart. In order for this combination to work many websites are offering all kinds of tools for easy time tracking which seems crucial these days. On the other hand, there are lots of freelancers who aren’t using these websites as mediators in relation to contracts, so these individuals are forced to come up with their own ways to track time and offer simple insight into stages of the project. As you can imagine, there’s an app for this and it’s called PRJCT.

PRJCT is a time tracking app designed for contractors, freelancers, and just about anyone who needs to track their time. As you can see from the screenshots, this app offers minimalistic interface that can be sometimes confusing and overwhelming, at least in the beginning. The first time you open the app you’ll be greeted with the home screen that contains ongoing projects separated into two categories: Projects and Tasks. The contractor can create their projects by tapping on the appropriate category which opens up the Projects menu. Now simply swipe downwards in order to add a new project. What’s important to be sure about is the relation between projects and tasks and their hierarchy. As you can imagine, you’ll need to create new tasks which will belong to a specific project, which is how you can keep track and see how much money you’ve earned. For every task you add you’ll be able to individualize hourly rates, so when you decide to work you can press play for a specific task and the app will calculate how much you’ve earned. This can be great for complex projects which demand many different stages, especially when these stages are differently priced.

What I appreciated are numerous small details which show how PRJCT is cleverly designed. For example, you can use different currencies for individual tasks, which is great when you’re working in a large team with people from other countries, but you can also use one global option as well. You’ll also get to choose from fixed and hourly paid jobs. However, PRJCT also comes with some issues. I am sure that you’ll need some help in navigating projects and tasks, since the app uses a few unusual navigation gestures. There are also some not as intuitive functions and features, but the good news is that you can overcome this by visiting the tips and tricks section located on the main page. It seems that the creator of this app was aware of this issue and provided much needed help. Finally, what I also appreciated is seeing that this app is in constant development and that updates are being regularly deployed which also means that there’s a lot of potential behind PRCJT and I am hopeful for its future.

In case you need an intelligent iOS time tracker I recommend trying PRCJT. It’s priced at $2, so it’s very affordable and brings several helpful features for the price. Even though there are some minor issues in its current version, I am hopeful these will be resolved in the future.


PROS: Interesting UI design. Can be very helpful if utilized right. Affordable.


CONS: Not as intuitive on a first sight. Needs time to learn all of its features and tricks.


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