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Metal or metallic iPhone cases were never as popular as cases made of plastics or some other materials, but some accessory makers are willing to build their own brand around metal as their primary material of choice. I am sure that there are many people willing to buy a metal iPhone case, which provides certain aesthetics and rugged looks, even though they are as protective as any other plastic case. By choosing to use a metal case, you will comply with a number of compromises that were need to be made, like added weight, somewhat complicated installation, and added bulk as well. This is why the main goal for many designers who took their time to come up with a freshly designed metal case is to provide something new and innovative, and something we haven’t seen before.

Rokform is one of those companies that nurtures rugged design, cold and heavy-looking materials, and metal iPhone cases as well. Their newest product is called the Fuzion+ and this is the iPhone 5/5S case. It comes with several layers of protection and features very interesting design, which made me very interested in trying this case out. However, the asking price of $89 did not leave the best possible first impression.

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The Fuzion+ combines three protective layers that need to be placed on top of each other. The good news is that installation is less complicated than most metal cases manage to provide, and all you need to do is to place the phone into a polyurethane shell and secure its position. It seems like this shell could do the job on its own, since it protects the phone from all sides and provides protection for the buttons and ports. Still, there are two layers that need to be applied onto the back side of the inner shell. These are a machined aluminum backplate and a sheet of carbon fiber in the middle. As you can see, there are no screws or other parts that you need to deal with, which is not something we often see with metal cases. You will also get a rounded adhesive car magnet mount, and a cleaning cloth.

Fuzion+ 2

The first thing you will notice about Fuzion+ is how bulky it is, which is not surprising considering that it holds three layers. On the other hand, you will be very happy with how protective this case is, since it seems almost impossibe to harm the phone while placed inside. What is also very important to note is that the phone will not have any issues with reception, which is often the case with metal and magnets. Compass might be problematic, but this will not affect navigation.

The Fuzion+ provides excellent protection and solves some issues with metal cases that we experienced in the past. It also offers the magnetic mount, which is going to be helpful to many future users since you can easily mount and dismount the phone onto metal surfaces. The main drawback is added weight and bulk, which is the price you need to pay for excellent protection and durable materials.



PROS: Easy installation. Durable materials. Great protection.


CONS: High priced. Added weight and bulk.


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