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It seems that iPhone-compatible camera accessories are becoming increasingly popular since new and fresh models are coming out on a weekly basis. Even though these accessories come with pretty much the same idea built into their core philosophies, there is a lot that can be done to make a product truly unique. These are usually details and very fine adjustments that can make a product succeed or fail.

If you like following Kickstarter campaigns for new iOS accessory gear, than you might have noticed a product named Snappgrip. This is actually the camera grip that adds a bit more functionality to your iPhone and allows you to use it just like any traditional point-and-shoot camera. There are many similar products out there, which creates a certain confusion among potential users, so it is always a good idea to research a product before purchasing it. The Snappgrip is the perfect example of this.

Snappgrip 2

The Snappgrip is an accessory for your iPhone that comes in two parts, and adds a shutter release, zoom buttons and control dial to the phone’s photo-taking abilities. This product is priced at $70, which might seem like a lot on a first sight, but other camera grips are similarly priced. In the packaging you will receive a case that needs to be permanently attached to your iPhone, and the grip which easily clicks into place on the back side of the phone. The case is very simple but looks decent enough to be used on a daily basis, and provides proper protection. However, I noticed that this case actually covers the edge of the LED flash, which seems very problematic.

In order to use the Snappgrip you will need to attach the grip onto the case, secured by a switch-released latch that seems very nicely designed and quality made. In addition, you will need to pair the phone with this accessory using the Bluetooth connection. As you can imagine, this camera grip works only with its official app, which is the free Snappgrip app. I am disappointed to say that the app brings outdated interface and limited functionality. My first impression was how crowded the UI was, which made me go to settings in order to see if this can be adjusted. Sadly, everything about this app is set in stone. What is also annoying is that the official iOS’ Camera app is not supported, so you can’t use the camera shortcut from the Lock Screen. However, if we try to get past all of this, we will stumble upon very problematic functionality of the hardware unit.

By using the Snappgrip you’ll get additional shutter release button, digital zoom buttons, and control dial. You will also get limited functionality and very badly designed application. This accessory does not bring anything helpful, but instead it cripples the iPhone’s photo-taking abilities. My advice to you is to look for another camera grip, since this one will disappoint you.




PROS: Looks nice. Easy to install.


CONS: Hardware and software design issues. Limited functionality.


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