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After browsing iOS App Store and all free games that are being offered, I can only say that most of these games are traps that are designed to bring as much profit to a developer as possible. No one can’t deny that times have changed, and so did the gaming industry. Most newly released games offer DLC packs and other ways to expand the gameplay, and there are free to play games that come out with limited gameplay that can be unlocked only if you are willing to pay extra. There are many gamers around the world who dislike this new trend, but this isn’t preventing companies from exploiting this financial scheme even more than before.

Once I try out a new iOS game that is actually free of charge, but which doesn’t limit the player as much as other gamers, I always like to recommend it. In this article, we will take a look at a game named Supernauts, which could be taken as a true example of allowing one’s creativity to run without having to spend extra money. This app is free-to-play and it is compatible with iPhones and iPads as well.

Supernauts 2

A very interesting yet loose storyline behind Supernauts tells the story about the world that has been flooded and now needs to be rebuilt. What this means is that you will need to build your own lots inside your own world, using blocks that can be harvested and moved at any time. It is clear that Minecraft heavily influenced Supernauts, since we can see pretty much the same concept in both games. I believe that Supernauts is doing an excellent job of bringing Minecraft-like engine to iOS by adapting it and even improving its gameplay value on a handheld device.

Like other free-to-play games, this one is also consisted of missions that you need to finish in order to progress. You will be guided though each mission and you will also get to learn new things like building various structures and identifying different building blocks. Even though you can disable these tutorials, they are vital if you are interested in getting the most out of the game. There are also so-called rescue missions, where you need to save a character in an already built environment. On top of that, there is also the multiplayer mode, so you can work on building new things with your friends and checking out their creations.

It is clear that Supernauts brings hours and hours of addictive gameplay, and what is important to highlight is that you can play without spending any money on in-app purchases. Still, if you are interested in building larger structures or if you want to progress faster, there are “cheats” that you can buy.

Mostly because there is a lot of going on during each mission, owners of iPads will benefit the most. Even though Supernauts can be played on iPhones, it can be very tedious to zoom in and out, and to identify blocks that need to be moved.

If you are looking for a freshly released iOS game, I recommend trying out Supernauts. It will brings you hours of addictive gameplay.




PROS: Deep gameplay. Entertaining and vivid graphics. Does not violently exploit free-to-play scheme.


CONS: The game can be tedious to play on smaller screens.


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