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As you’ve surely figured it out by now, the App Store offers plenty of DIY-type applications which are very interesting and highly usable. In case you like to do your own home projects, I am sure you’ve already got plenty of learning tools and tutorial resources stored on your computer, but it surely is more convenient to use an iOS device and work your way through the project with some helpful assistance. We’re about to show you an application that can help you choose the right colors for the walls in your home, and I am sure that many of you will find this app very helpful and even essential in some situations.

TapPainter by MDi Touch does a great job of demonstrating how a particular color will look on a wall and what kind of an effect can be achieved. When it comes to the App Store, this kind of apps isn’t anything new and there are numerous apps that offer the same functionality as this one, even though there are some subtle differences that matter. I hoped to see these small details in TapPainter, expecting to finally see a completely usable app that can help me choose the right interior paint colors.

TapPainter is one of those apps that prove how interesting an iPad can be and how useful this device truly is. Even though nothing is going to beat painting actual samples on the wall, this app can be truly useful if you’re willing to try out a large number of combinations before narrowing down the choice between selected few colors. In order to do this you’ll need to import or take a photo using this app. What’s important to highlight is that sometimes it’s better to take a shot using a DSLR camera (if you own one) and import it into the app, since it’s really important to take a nice photo. For example, you can do the same using the iPad 2, but TapPainter will often make mistakes in selecting areas to paint. Also, try to capture well lit room in their natural lightning conditions.

When it comes to using this app, I can say that it’s very user intuitive and a real pleasure to use. You’ll get to pick the right color by hand, choose one of branded paints, or even mix your own color that you can easily buy in a store. There’s a great tutorial showing you all the controls and the ways you can apply colors, and I recommend watching it before using the app.

In comparison to similar apps, it’s clear that TapPainter offers several important advantages. First, there’s a huge amount of available colors, and when you choose the one you’d like to buy you’ll need to confirm to reveal its code. You’ll get five of these codes for free, and additional ones can be purchased for $1. This surely isn’t its upside, since you’ll also need to pay $5 in order to download this app. Still, TapPainter offers great performance and works great in practice which is its biggest advantage.



PROS: Very easy to use. Huge selection of branded paints and colors. Works great in practice.


CONS: A bit pricey if you plan on fully utilizing it.


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