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For a while now you have been able to shoot videos and take pictures at the same time, which first became available with the iPhone 5. Still, this doesn’t mean that this feature works flawlessly since the phone needs to be perfectly still in order to capture truly great shots. That is why there are tons of great iOS apps created to ease up this process and to allow you to take better control of photography parameters, which are important for those who want to get the most out of their iPhones.

If you are interested in trying out an app that’s designed to take out pictures from your videos, than you can try Vhoto. This app is completely free to download and use, and there are no in-app purchases whatsoever. These are two important things when considering of trying a new app, which in addition to great user reviews from the App Store leaves a very positive first impression. 

Even though it brings many interesting features and many ways of trying them, Vhoto still manages to bring intuitive interface. One of the main features are recording a new video and importing an existing one from the Camera Roll. If you decide to take a new video, you’ll be faced with a very familiar interface that closely resembles the native Camera app. Keep in mind that this app records clips of up 20 seconds at a time, and it will start recording a new one if your go over those 20 seconds. There are no extravagant options here, but you will be able to toggle between two cameras on your phone, turn on the flash, and there is also the low-light mode for those dark scenes. No matter if you record a new video, or import an existing one, Vhoto will play a portion of a clip while taking out possible images and presenting them to you in a very interesting manner. You can scroll through thumbnails of the best stills and select those that you would like to edit and save.

As I’ve said in the previous paragraph, Vhoto will let you edit images before extracting them from a video. There are some basic but very useful adjustments like brightness, contrast, and color, and you can apply preloaded filters as well.

There is also another important side to Vhoto and that is its social side. Just like numerous other apps that are trying to create their own active and vibrant social networks, this app is also on the same mission. You won’t be able to use this app without signing-up for a new account, even though you can use your Facebook credentials as well. This way you will be able to share your creations and browse Vhoto’s community. You can follow hashtags and other people on the same network, which can be interesting to some potential users.

I am a big fan of what Vhoto is capable of doing, and I believe that it is doing a great job of finding and extracting images. However, I don’t really like that I had to join yet another social network, but that’s the price we all need to pay for using this great and completely free iOS app. My general recommendation is to try out this app for its main features, and if you are a social person, you are going to love it even more.



Easy to use, and very intuitive. Great job of finding and extracting images. Free of charge.


Somewhat annoying and forced social aspect.


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