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iPhone photography has become a trend a few years ago, probably around the iPhone 4 launch. This is the first Apple’s smartphone that included a few advanced photography features that were liked by millions. Today we have the phone that is capable of taking amazing shots, and many reviewers agreed that the iPhone 5S comes with one of the best smartphone cameras. However, a lot has changed since the latest iPhone arrived, and now you can find several smartphones that bring amazing camera internals.

To say that a particular phone has amazing photography abilities is not just a matter of its camera internals. What is great about iPhone is that there are thousands of amazing photo and video editors, which are bringing all kinds of simple and complex adjustments, preloaded filters, and much more. On the other hand, there is a lot of third party photography gear designed specifically for the iPhone 5S, which increases its value.

Ztylus Camera Case 3

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at a very interesting camera case, that is coming from the company named Ztylus. This product called Camera Case + RV-2 Revolver Lens, and you can purchase it for $100. Note that you can buy these products separately, but they are designed to work together.

First, let us take a look at the Camera Case. I believe that most of us can agree that this is one of the strangest looking cases, which has its negative and positive sides. My first impression was how nicely made this product is, since it really seems like it can take a few strong hits and protect the phone inside. There are two caps, made of strong and durable aluminum, while the middle part is made of plastic. In order to place the phone inside, you will need to loosen a screw holding the bottom cap in place, which is something you can do on your own – without any additional tools. As you can see, installation is very simple and straightforward. When it comes to design, this one is going to create polarizing opinions. Some are going to love it, while I can also understand those who do not like this kind of industrial/retro aesthetics.

Ztylus Camera Case 2

The main concept behind this camera case is to transform your iPhone into an old-school retro camera, and I think that Ztylus has done a great job. In order to use the lenses, you will need to twist the lens into its place, on the back side of your phone. This metal disc contains three lenses: the fisheye, the circular polarizer, and a combination of wide angle and macro lens. I was surprised by how effective each one of these lenses is, since they can create amazingly looking results. Ztylus’ lenses can be in fact compared to the Olloclip, since you will be able to take clear looking images without much distortion. The micro lens is particularly interesting and seems to produce amazing results.

If would be nice to have an option to use these amazing lenses without the camera case, which is exactly what the Olloclip is trying to do. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this product, which seems quality made and produces amazing shots. There is not much more you can ask from a camera case.



PROS: Attention to details. Great build quality. Very effective lenses.


CONS: Polarizing aesthetics.


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