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During the last year, we have seen numerous iPhone-compatible battery packs that are coming with larger than ever capacities, while retaining or lowering their prices. However, it is always important to read reviews like this one, and to do a heavy research before committing on buying a new battery pack. This is because we often see different capacities in practice, so the way to learn a true value of a battery pack is to research before buying.

Cygnett is a company that brought us several interesting cases, but as today’s article will show, there is also a battery pack in their product lineup. First efforts of any company are usually half-finished products, or in many cases, they are very good and usable products that need to be tweaked further. I was very interested in trying out Cygnett’s products, since I liked their cases, so I had high expectations from this product.

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ChargeUp Pro Powerbank is an 11,000mAh pack, priced at $80. In theory, this sounds like an amazing deal. The plastic body comes with a soft-touch finish that feels great in hand, and it provides dimensions that make this product very mobile and easy to carry. In the original packaging, you will find a very short micro-USB cable, but long enough to connect your iPhone or iPad.

ChargeUp Pro Powerbank is 5.5” long and 2.5” wide. I need to say that the product seems very quality made, and seems very sturdy and firm. However, there is nothing exceptional about it, which is something that every product needs to have in order to stand out in today’s crowded market. On one of the longer sides, you will find the micro-USB input, power button, and charge indicator lights. One of the shorter sides contain two USB ports positioned on top of the other, labeled to show their charging speeds. You will be able to use 1A and 2.1A USB ports, meaning that you can charge the iPad Air at full speed. I tested 2.1A USB port, which managed to achieve expected speeds. Using the iPad Air, I was able to empty the Cygnett’s battery for about three hours, which seems like an average result.

In order to test the official statements and to see how much power this battery pack contains, we used a fully depleted iPad Air. On average, we should expect to see around 90 percent charge. During our testing, Cygnett’s battery pack managed to charge the iPad up to around 75 percent. This is not as expected, even though these are not terrible results, especially if we compare them with the asking price of $80.

As you can see, Cygnett’s battery packs is amazingly built product that performs below the average. I cannot say that this is a bad purchase, since you will get plenty of battery capacity for somewhat acceptable price. However, if you are interested in doing some deeper research, I am sure that you will find some better deals.



PROS: Quality made. Light and easy to carry. High battery capacity. Affordable price.


CONS: Performance is slightly below average.



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