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We have seen numerous efforts of bringing wireless charging technology to different iPhone models, but most of these tries ended up badly. If a smartphone does not come with a module for wireless charging already built-in, it is very hard to create a fully usable third party product that won’t sacrifice other benefits. I have tested several wireless charging systems, most of which failed to bring this feature in its full glory, but I am always interested in seeing the newest efforts.

A company named Dog & Bone recently introduced a wireless charging case combination, priced at $140, and simply named it as Wireless Charging Case + Pad. On a first look, it was clear that this is not going to be just another try to bring alternative charging to our phones, mostly because of details that I have seen in design. I hoped my first impression won’t let me down, and I am happy to say that I have finally saw a valuable effort in this field. Continue reading to find out more about this interesting product.

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The Wireless Charging Case + Pad, as it name says, comes in two main parts. There is the case that seems quality made and ready to take on any challenge. The case is made of strong and sturdy polycarbonate combined with rubber to provide extra grip and much need extra protection. The case is 3 inches tall, about 1.5 inches wide, which means that it is slightly larger than most iPhone cases. This is because of the swappable module that comes on the back, which actually enables the phone to be wirelessly charged. You can choose one of five colors (orange, pink, red, and two variants of blue), but these are accent colors. The case leaves a very positive visual impression and feels great in hand, and I am sure that it keeps my iPhone well protected from all sides and angles. In the original packaging, you will also receive a screen film, so you can truly protect the phone from all sides.

The back side of the case offers a space for the swappable wireless charging module. It comes with an MFi Lightning plug inside, and there is a Micro-USB port on the bottom, meaning that you can charge the phone even when the pad is not available. It feels great to heave an alternative option, and I am happy to see that designers at Dog & Bone included this option in their product.

The pad is made of plastic, but feels very quality made. In order to charge the phone you will need to place it onto the pad, but make sure that the swappable module comes on top of the right position. This means that you can’t simply place you phone onto the pad and expect for wireless charging to begin. This might seem like a slight inconvenience, but it is nothing to be worry about in terms of usability and functionality.

The bottom line is that we now have one of the nicest wireless charging solutions for the iPhone 5/5S. This product seems to be successful in several areas, and it provides very reliable performance. The only negative side is the asking price of $140, which is somewhat higher that other similar charging solutions, so I would be happy to see it slightly lowered.



PROS: Very quality made. Excellent iPhone case. Wireless charging works as advertised.


CONS: Slightly overpriced.


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