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One of the most recognizable marketing tricks that powered sales of Apple’s computers was the claim that Macs are immune to viruses. Most people still believe in this, which is why many OSX-powered computers are vulnerable to attacks. However, the world of OSX is very different from Windows-powered PCs, which are much more vulnerable to all kinds of malware like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, and much more.

Speaking of Macs’ security, the main trouble here is malware that comes bundled with software that you download and run on your computer. Most infections are done by a user who is not aware that there’s malware hidden in a free program that can be downloaded from the web, which means that in contrast to Windows, Macs are mostly getting infected due to untrusted applications.

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While you can buy an antivirus from a company that built its name on Windows applications like Symantec, Kaspersky, ESET, and many others, there are also companies that specialize in OSX protection alone. This means that there are companies who decided to dedicate their time getting to know OSX and its structure, which is the best way to offer impeccable protection. Intego is one of those companies, and right now, we will be taking a look at their newest internet security suite.

Intego recently published the newest generation of antivirus suite, named Mac Internet Security X8. This bundle actually offers two applications that are designed to work seamlessly together, and those are VirusBarrier X8 and NetBattier X8. The first one is designed to offer a virus protection as well as real-time scanning. I really liked its simplicity, which is more user-friendly and certainly more intuitive for use than most similar applications. You will be able to scan your Mac as well as any external drives and iOS devices as well, and this application will monitor all files that are being saved or accessed. Scheduled scanning is also an option.

NetBarrier X8 brings firewall protection, and it is designed to simplify the process of setting up firewall and keeping your computer under control. The main view offers two large panels, where the left-positioned one visually shows connections to and out of your Mac. The right-positioned panel brings settings for home, work, and public hotspot connections. You will be also in command of applications and processes that are requiring incoming or outgoing data, so you can disable individual apps and services.

What I liked the most about Intego’s Internet Security X8 is how easy to use and intuitive it is. It manages to present a lot of useful data in a very organized manner, and each setting is clearly explained as well. On the other hand, I am amazed by its performance. Intego is known for creating antiviruses that are not eating up all of OSX resources, which is one of the greatest achievements. You can find numerous benchmark results around the web that will show that Intego’s software is one of the top ranked.

Intego’s internet Security X8 is a subscription-based service that is priced at $50 annually. You can currently get it for only $40, which seems like a great deal.



PROS: Easy to use. Offer amazing level of protection. Amazing performance.


CONS: None really.


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