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Every digital artist needs to have at least one reliable stylus, which is the main tool for successful transfer of ideas from mind onto paper. During the last two years, we have seen tremendous effort in revolutionizing iPad styluses, which were very bulky and non-practical at first, but today we can find some amazing products that are continuing to evolve in the best possible way. On today’s market, you can find some great styluses for around $100, even though you can find some at significantly lower prices, which usually corresponds to their functionality.

More than a year ago, one of the most popular makers of iPad-compatible styluses – Adonit, unveiled their plans to implement so-called Pixelpoint technology. The first stylus that came out with this feature, called the Jot Script, managed to achieve considerable success. The most impressive feature of this stylus was its 1.9mm tip, which was a huge difference from what the competition offered. Today we will be taking a look at the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint, which could be considered as the successor to the popular Jot Script.

Jot Touch 2

Adonit’s latest stylus is trying to bring a few new features and improve on the predecessor, which is not an easy task. This still is an advanced digital stylus with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that works with every iPad app in terms of writing and basic functionality, but needs supported apps to unleash its power. One of the most noticeable features is the tip that is now 3.18mm thick versus 1.9mm that the predecessor offered. In terms of specifications, this might sound like a step back in design, but in terms of functionality it pretty much remains the same since you’ll still be getting fine-tipped iPad stylus. Speaking of design, by now we know what to expect from Adonit. The stylus is very nicely designed and offered in two colors (black and white), and feels incredibly well made. It measures 0.47” in diameter, meaning that it is easy to hold and use it. Towards the tip, there is a rubber grip with two buttons.

As I said in the previous paragraphs, you will need to use one of the supported apps in order to feel what this stylus can really offer. The good news is that any app that supports the previous version, now works with the current one. In addition, some of the newest Adobe’s apps like Line and Sketch come with advanced functionality and Creative Cloud integration. In general, Touch is very easy to write with, and there are no huge drawbacks in terms of writing or drawing. According to specifications, there are 2,048 levels of sensitivity, so you can really feel and control your drawing process. It can’t be said that this stylus brings something incredibly revolutionary, but it’s a step forward in comparison to Jot Script.

The main problem with Jot Touch is its asking price of $120. This will make owners or the previous version not to rush into buying the newest one. I hope we will see this price lowered in the upcoming months.



PROS: Quality made. Integration with the latest Adobe’s apps and services. Additional buttons. Great performance.


CONS: High priced.


  1. Very nice review. I personally decided to go with the script over the touch, mostly because I realized I like to write more than I like to draw.


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