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Even though iOS is great as a digital camera that takes high-resolution photos and videos, its software side is leaving much to be desired. It seems that Apple has finally heard its users, since it seems that some much-needed improvements were built into iOS7 and the upcoming iOS8, but this still leaves a wide space for basic and additional features.

One of the main complains about iOS’ Photos app is lack of advanced photo organizing. Until now, you have been able to take photos and create albums that will use photos from the Camera Roll. Once you delete a photo from the Camera Roll, it will completely disappear from your phone and from albums you’ve placed it in. This is where some third party apps could come in handy, and luckily there are a lot of useful ones in the iOS App Store.

MyRoll 1

Today we will be taking a look at an app previously named Flayvr, which achieved some success in certain markets. After it was pulled from the Store, it took some time until it appeared again. Now we have a brand new app, with just a couple of new features, now named MyRoll. The good news is that the app is still free to download and use, and comes without any in-app purchases.

The main concept behind MyRoll is to provide you with a couple of ways to organize photos from your Camera Roll. You will be greeted with a few introduction screens, simply to help you get started, even though this app is very simple and straightforward.

What is important to say is that you will need to sign up for a new account, or you can log in using your Facebook credentials. This is because there is a strong social side to this app, and you will need to have an account in order to share your albums. Once you load all of your images, you will see that MyRoll has created “moments” based on its own internal algorithm. The app will group photos that were taken on the same day, and use the best shot to give you a reminder of a particular moment. On the other hand, you can use the gallery view, which is not that different from the Camera Roll. You will get a few extra viewing options, and you will be able to see dates and locations.

MyRoll is designed to help you organize your images and to easily share your albums. This seemed very interesting to me, since it can be very tedious to try to share 10+ photos at once from the Camera Roll. You will be able to create Facebook albums, but you can also share photos using email or SMS. Your recipient will receive a link to view photos on the web.

It is easy to see that MyRoll comes with real practical value, and I believe that many will enjoy using this app. What I did not like are occasional crashes and glitches, which didn’t affect my experience that much, but were annoying. I hope this will be resolved in a future update.




PROS: Beautifully designed UI, very clean and polished. Offers a few ways to organize images. Easy to use.


CONS: Some performance issues and occasional crashes.


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