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Our iPhones are offering new ways to re-experience old memories. The easiest way is to open the Camera Roll, where you can find your images and photos. However, most of us are maintaining at least one social media profile, where images can be shared. I have always found iOS to be limited in this way, since there is no option to view images from multiple sources, at least not without opening several separate apps. Luckily, there are apps whose main mission is to jump over this obstacle.


Driftback is an iOS application designed to bring digital frame feature to your iOS device. We have all heard about digital frames and their ability to present slideshows. However, this app goes a few steps further and enables some other interesting options that you might be interested in. Continue reading to see what this app is capable of, and if it’s worth the asking price of $1.

Driftback 2

The main goal behind Driftback is to allow you to see all your images in one place. What this means is that you will be able to preview your Camera Roll images, but also integrate social network accounts. At this moment, Driftback supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare. The good news is that you can enable/disable any of these sources, so you can only follow your Facebook account, or you can only focus on your Camera Roll. The app also supports statuses and text, meaning that you can see your status on the screen instead of an image, which is great for reviving memories of fun times. On top of all of this, there is also an option to import calendar entries.


When you open Driftback for the first time, you will get to add your own sources of images. Once set up, the app will present you a slideshow, where images and pieces of text will be scrolled one after another. You have control over several aspects of the slideshow, whether adjusting the time delay, or choosing what kind of information would you like to see via full screen mode. By default, the app will pull data such as dates and location, which are presented in a very visually pleasing manner.


Even though I liked what this app offered, I wished to see more options. Since you must to pay for this app, you are entitled to expect something more than bare minimum. Driftback lacks many features, which was very frustrating. For example, there is no way to omit certain entries, and sometimes it shows one particular image too many times in a row.


I am not sure if there are valuable alternatives in the App Store, and if they are free of charge, but I feel that most of those applications will offer advertisements, and they are not easy to trust when it comes to images and personal data. I would recommend Driftback to those who would like to turn their phones into digital photo frames, even though it comes with just a basic functionality.




PROS: Simple, but interesting. Good performance. Good price.


CONS: Somewhat limited. Offers only basic photo frame functionality.


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