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Even though Apple’s Contacts app is fully functional and completely usable, there are some things that could be further enhanced. In order to stay on top of the competition, this platform needs to reinvent itself every few years, and to continuously improve its apps and services. It is clear that Apple is doing a great job of making its mobile platform competitive, but applications like Contacts are showing that there’s a lot that can be done to create something that will positively challenge our productivity and our everyday use of iOS devices.

Mingle: Action Based Contacts in a very interesting app that shows how the Contacts app can be reimagined and redesigned. This application is designed to offer plenty of additional actions that can be launched from a specific contact entry, which seems very interesting in theory and which is something that I was very intrigued to try right from the first time I heard about this app. In order to simplify this explanation, it could be said that Mingle acts like Launch Center Pro for your list of contacts.

Mignle 2

Every time you open this app you’ll get to see a list of your contacts, showed in a bit different manner that what you’re used to in the iOS7. On top of the screen there’s a search field, which can be used to search for a specific entry. If you tap on an entry, nothing will happen. However, if you tap and hold, you’ll get to see a list of possible actions. You’ll need to drag a contact onto a specific action, which will then activate it. This way you can easily send an e-mail, call someone, start a video call, check out someone’s tweets, and much more. There’s plenty of additional actions in Mingle, and these can be easily previewed and placed into the main view of this app.

However, even though Mingle brings a lot of useful actions and shortcuts, there are a few important setbacks. You will be able to install only up to four actions in the main view. This is a real shame since there are so many actions that I wanted to use frequently, but I was unable to get to them. Also, these actions cannot be set for individual entries, and there’s no way to create a list of favorite ones. All of these issues are something that can be fixed in the future, so I hope we’ll get to see these updates.

Even though I was incredibly excited about this app and I was hoping to see it reaching its full potential, there is left much to be desired when it comes to Mingle. It can’t be denied that there’s a lot of potential behind this app, and this potential could be reached in the future, but I am reviewing its current state. Since it is priced at $1, I would recommend downloading this app since it can be helpful on everyday basis. But if you’re a serious user who needs an application like this one, but also a lot of advanced features and additional flexibility, you will be disappointed by this app.


PROS: Very interesting concept. Can be useful to many.


CONS: Limited in many ways. Needs further polishing. Occasional crashes.


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