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Among numerous iOS accessories that you can find at almost any electronics shop, single-port wall chargers are amongst those who have the toughest job of competing against Apple’s pack-in product. As you know, with each new iOS device purchase you will receive Apple’s own 12W USB Power Adapter, so I am sure that you’ve got a few of those somewhere in your house. You can also purchase this charger for $19, which seems like a fair price considering that you’re getting the official piece of equipment that also comes with full warranty and is guaranteed to support your iPhone/iPad model. This is why alternative wall chargers never had a great chance to begin with, but as always there are a few creative designers and developers who decided to take on this task.

In this article we will present you a product that is battling Apple’s Power Adapter. This is the Velvetwire’s Powerslayer, priced at $40. As you can see, this adapter costs double the Apple’s one, so I expected amazing design and innovative features, in order to justify its high price. When it comes to design, Powerslayer comes with interestingly looking, organic shape. It is three inches tall at its highest point, about two inches wide, and just over one inch thick. I am sure you will agree with me if I say that this product brings very thought-provoking design that will capture everyone’s attention. It is also refreshing to see a wall charger unit designed in a bit different manner, breaking molds of today’s design principles.

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You will get to choose one of four available colors, but each of these models brings exactly the same design. Powerslayer is made of plastics, where the top side is covered in a soft pattern of small extruded triangles. On the back you will find two wall prongs, while the single USB port is located on one of the shorter sides. What is interesting to notice are several LEDs on the top side, which are there to indicate if you’re device is charging, and when to disconnect it.

Velvetwire’s Powerslayer is designed to eliminate any unneeded power consumption and comes with its own software that manages this function. When it comes to charging, this device comes with 2.0Amp output, which surprised me. iPads are able of receiving up to 2.4Amps, so I expected to see long charging times. However, Powerslayer is only a little bit slower than Apple’s own alternative, which is still a fully usable result.

Even though I still believe that Powerslayer should not be priced at $40, I really like many of its features. I am sure that many eco-conscious iOS users will appreciate this charger, but there won’t be many willing to pay this much for something that they already received in the original packaging of their handheld devices. On the other hand, many will be intrigued by its organic shape and LED lights, so I am sure that there are potential users for this iPhone charger.


PROS: Interestingly looking organic shape. Good performance.


CONS: High priced.


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