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While there are numerous iPhone charging cases on the market, there are just a few available ones for larger iOS devices. There are a few reasons for this, where the most important one is added bulk and weight, which is one of the biggest problems for traditional iPad cases as well. It is far more practical to use an external battery pack, recharge your iPad, and continue with your day.

However, today’s article will show that there is a charging case for the iPad Mini, even though it is far from the perfect example. It is still nice to see a try that will hopefully grow into a new product category. We will be taking a look at a product named KudoSol, designed and sold by Kudo. It is priced at $130.

KudoSol 3

KudoSol is one of a few products that combines a full featured case with a battery inside. It also brings ability of solar charging, which seems like a very interesting addition. The integrated battery brings 5,000-mAh capacity, which sounds promising.

When it comes to design, Kudo decided to offer traditional looking folio case. What this means is that you will need to slide the tablet from the top, and then tuck it into its place thanks to a flap. There are a few open segments along the sides, so you will have full access to the side switch, sleep/wake button, volume controls, and the headphone port is also fully exposed. On the inside, you will find two business card slots on the back of the cover. Right below the tablet, you will see cables and ports, needed to recharge your tablet once you run out of juice.

KudoSol 1

When it comes to charging, you will have the option to recharge the case using the included Micro-USB port. Once you decide to recharge the tablet, you’ll have to use a built-in Lightning plug. In addition, there is the USB port as well, using which you can recharge an iPhone or iPod. We also tested this unit to see how charging performs. I am happy to say that KudoSol’s performance was excellent. The included battery delivered about 85% of recharge, while I expected to see about 75-80%.

As I said earlier, KudoSol brings solar panel charging capabilities. I am sure that this feature will intrigue many, who will buy this product with hopes of free solar charging. While traditional charging worked remarkably well, solar charging was surprisingly useless. After leaving the case for about two hours in the sun, I managed to get about 3% of recharge. As you can see, this feature seems like a marketing gimmick, and it doesn’t bring any practical value.

Even though it is nice to see an iPad charging case, it seems like it will take more time until we see a product with real practical value. Even though you will get some additional battery life, KudoSol is unusually thick and brings outdated faux leather design. On top of that, you will need to pay $130, which is a serious investment. For this amount, I suggest you to find an external battery pack, with larger capacity.



PROS: Easy installation. Quality made. Plenty of additional battery life.


CONS: Outdated design. Large and thick. Problematic solar charging.


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