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Prio is nicely designed and will attract users thanks to its UI and UX design. However, once you dig a bit deeper, you will see how limited this app is. Even though it can be helpful for those who want a basic to-do app, it doesn’t actually bring anything that we don’t already have on our iPhones.

Our iPhones offer several ways to stay on top of our daily schedules. There is the Calendar app, that is used to create comprehensive entries that can hold a lot of different data, and there are Notes and Reminders as well. Even though these apps can help you become better organized, and they can surely get the job done, there are numerous alternatives that are more powerful. If you take a look at the iOS App Store, you’ll see hundreds of to-do apps, list creators, and calendar apps. Our job at MacReview is to review some of the most interesting newly published apps, as well as to make it easier for you to choose a new productivity app.

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at Prio – Task List & Reminder ($0.99). This is one of the newly released apps that is promising to bring a new way to keep track of tasks, reminders, and lists. Aside from its eye-catching UI, I was very interested in trying this app out since it promises to replace several built-in iOS apps.


I am sure many are going to be intrigued by this app simply by taking a look at its iOS App Store screenshots. Prio features a beautiful gradient background that looks great on differently sized screens. Even though you’ll see the default pink and purple theme at first, there are 20 color choices to choose from. The app features subtle animations throughout, and it’s very responsive. In addition, Prio uses the sans serif typography style that suits it well and is easy to read. However, I wished to see a bit larger font size.

The app will greet you with a brief introductory tutorial, where you’ll be explained how to add new entries and create lists. The main view is called “Active Tasks”, and this is where all items go by default. You can create new lists by tapping on the “hamburger” button, or swiping from the left. By using the main menu, you can add or delete lists, but you can quickly access them using the two-circle button in the top right corner. To add a new entry, you need to swipe from the top of the screen. You’ll get to see a text field, where you can write a reminder or a note. In order to add additional information, you’ll need to tap on the entry to view the detail screen. Now you can add info like a priority level, due date, reminder, or re-assign it to another list. This seems like an unnecessary additional step, since there’s no way to add these bits of information while creating a new entry.

Other interesting features are iCloud support, so you can easily sync your data, and Notification Center support. The Notification Center widget will show Today’s Priorities only.


Nicely designed UI. Subtle animations. Good performance.


Limited in functionality and features. Just a basic to-do app with polished looks.


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