Apple’s 2024 Back to School Event Expected to Start Soon

Apple’s annual Back to School promotion, eagerly awaited by university and college students in the United States and Canada, is on the brink of launching. Advertisements appearing on social media suggest that the deals, particularly on Apple’s Macs and iPads, could start soon and come with appealing gift card bonuses.

Launch Timing and Previous Sales:

  • Expected Launch: Traditionally beginning in early June, this year’s Apple Back to School sale is rumored to have a slightly delayed start, with indications pointing to a launch later in the month, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.
  • Last Year’s Sale: The 2023 sale started on June 4, offering a point of reference for this year’s expected timeline.

Ad Campaign Insights:

  • Promotion Channels: Instagram is being utilized to target college and university students, where Apple has been prominently featuring its Back to School promotions.
  • Offer Details: The promotions highlight significant educational savings with enticing phrases like “Buy Mac for university or college with education savings. Plus get a gift card for up to $200.”
  • Regional Focus: A specific advertisement captured from a Canadian user suggests that the discounts will mirror those offered last year in the United States, which included a $150 markdown.

Detailed Sales Benefits:

  • Product Discounts: Students can anticipate reductions of up to $150 on Macs and up to $100 on iPads—aligning closely with last year’s offers.
  • Gift Card Bonuses: Purchases made under the promotion will not only come at a reduced price but also include a free Apple gift card, adding further value to the transaction.

Accessing the Sale:

  • Sale Navigation: The promotional ads link directly to Apple’s education store, though the official announcement of the sale is still pending there. Students and educators interested in the discounts should monitor this site closely as the launch date approaches.

Additional Tips for Shoppers:

  • Early Preparation: To ensure readiness for the sale, prospective buyers should consider registering on Apple’s education website in advance, verifying their educational status to streamline the purchasing process when the sale goes live.
  • Product Research: Given the discounts on specific products like Macs and iPads, doing preliminary research on models and specifications can help buyers make more informed decisions quickly once the sale begins.
  • Budget Planning: Setting a budget in consideration of the expected discounts can help in making a more cost-effective purchase.


Apple’s Back to School promotion remains a pivotal event for students looking to acquire new technology for their educational needs. With substantial savings on high-demand products like Macs and iPads, coupled with additional benefits such as gift cards, the sale presents an excellent opportunity for students to invest in quality technology at reduced prices. As anticipation builds, keeping an eye on official channels for the exact launch date and full details of the offers is advisable. This event not only facilitates access to top-tier technology for educational pursuits but also underscores Apple’s commitment to supporting the academic community.

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