Apple’s M5 Chip to Use Advanced SoIC Technology for Macs and AI Servers

Apple is reportedly using more advanced SoIC packaging technology for its upcoming M5 chips. This strategy aims to power future Macs and enhance data centers and AI tools.

What is SoIC Technology?

Developed by TSMC

SoIC (System on Integrated Chip) technology was developed by TSMC and unveiled in 2018. It allows for stacking chips in a 3D structure. This improves electrical performance and thermal management compared to traditional 2D designs.

Benefits of SoIC

  • Better Performance: Enhanced electrical performance.
  • Improved Thermal Management: Superior heat dissipation.
  • Compact Design: Smaller footprint with 3D stacking.

Apple’s Collaboration with TSMC

Expanding Cooperation

According to the Economic Daily, Apple has expanded its partnership with TSMC. They are working on a next-gen hybrid SoIC package. This package combines thermoplastic carbon fiber composite molding technology.

Trial Production Phase

The M5 chip package is currently in small trial production. Mass production is planned for 2025 and 2026. These chips will power new Macs and AI cloud servers.

Advanced Features of M5 Chip

Dual-Use Design

The M5 chip will have a dual-use design. This means it will be used in both consumer Macs and AI cloud servers.

AI Integration

References to Apple’s M5 chip have been found in official Apple code. Apple is working on processors for AI servers using TSMC’s 3nm process. Mass production is targeted for the second half of 2025.

Current AI Servers

Currently, Apple’s AI cloud servers use multiple connected M2 Ultra chips. These were originally designed for desktop Macs. The M5’s advanced design indicates Apple’s plan to integrate AI functionality across devices and software.

Implications for the Market


The advanced dual-use design of the M5 chip shows Apple’s commitment to future-proofing its technology. This will vertically integrate its supply chain for AI functionality.

Enhanced User Experience

  • For Consumers: Improved performance and efficiency in Macs.
  • For Enterprises: Enhanced AI capabilities in cloud servers.

Competitive Edge

Apple’s innovations could redefine the market. Competitors may need to innovate aggressively to keep up.

Potential Launch Timeline

Mass Production

Apple plans to start mass production of the M5 chip in 2025. The chips will be used in new Macs and AI cloud servers.

Strategic Timing

Apple may time the release to coincide with other major product updates or events. The launch could significantly impact the home automation and AI markets.

MacReview’s Take

Apple’s use of advanced SoIC technology for the M5 chip represents a significant leap in innovation. This move will power future Macs and AI servers, enhancing performance and efficiency. With mass production slated for 2025, Apple is poised to redefine the market with its cutting-edge technology.

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