FileMaker Pro 12 Review

\"\"FileMaker Pro 12 is an advanced version of other FileMaker Pro versions, offering Mac users an easier way of creating stunning and interactive databases. It is tweaked with various capabilities, and top of the list is an aesthetic design that blends well with Apple products characterized by eye-catching charts, strong design control and ease of embedding multimedia files into FileMaker databases. Advanced enhancements in the latest version make an upgrade to version 12 inevitable (including the new design that allows users to create apps for mobile devices such as iPad).

Installation and Setup
FileMaker Pro 12 can be installed just like it predecessor FileMaker Pro 11. Pro 12 can be installed on Mac OS X version 10.6, and what is more it has integrated enhancements for Mountain Lion. It is made better by the availability of a Pro 12 Advanced version, which supports extended user-friendly features such as custom menus and functions, ease of script debugging, importation of multiple tables among other features.

Pro 12 supports multi-language installation for English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish. Amazingly, once installed, FileMaker pro 12 is able to support up to 9 users sharing a database. A “Quick Start” window welcomes users on the first opening. The window presents wizards that are necessary for the creation of new databases, conversion of existing data bases to desired file types such as Excel or .CSV file, from pre-designed template as well enabling users to access documents and videos from one point.

FileMaker Pro 12 supports “Starter Solutions” that are a set of fully designed databases for personal or small business use. Also, there exist templates that facilitate easy tracking of asset flow, contact management, management of business and personal contacts, invoicing, bill management and many more services.

New Features in Pro 12

Eye-catching themes for any task…
FileMaker Pro 12 delivers the power to create stunning databases in the fastest way possible for personal or business use. It gives you the power to easily build crisp-clean databases that make you more productive than ever. With 40 stunning new themes, it is possible to change the look and layout of your databases to suite your iPad, iPhone, among other Apple devices. What is more interesting, each of the 40 themes comes with individual pre-designed fonts, color, and styles for embedded objects. This means that in just a few clicks you can come up with a professional database, which can be easily customized by addition of new images, gradients among other tweaks. This is made possible by sets of new rulers, grids and lines meant to give your design the precision it really needs.

Enhanced container fields…smarter than you ever imagined
Container fields in FileMaker Pro give you the chance to store any type of file in your database ranging from photos, videos, music, documents and many more. In Pro 12, the container fields have been re-engineered to enhance the performance of databases; eventually making your solutions easier to use. This includes the capacity to drag and drop files, fast image rendering, video streaming and external data management.

Improved Charting Platform
Quick Charts is an integrated enhancement in FileMaker 12, which makes it possible to create streamline charts in a snap. Easily sort and group your data, with an inspector-like tool, which ideally makes it possible for you to preview and customize your chart instantly. The charts are delivered in new 5 types: bubble, scatter, positive/negative, and stacked bar, and stacked column charts. Additionally, Pro 12 gives you access to 10 charting styles, consequently giving you more graphical flexibility that enables you display data the way you want to. Verdict:

FileMaker Pro 2012 is what you have always wanted to take your business to the next level!

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