Hidden Night Shift Feature Discovered on Apple Watch

A Reddit user recently discovered a hidden feature on the Apple Watch that allows users to activate Night Shift. By asking Siri on the Apple Watch to turn on Night Shift, the display will adopt a dimmer, yellow hue, reducing blue light exposure.

Discovery of Night Shift on Apple Watch

  • User Discovery: A Reddit user found that Siri can activate Night Shift on the Apple Watch.
  • Activation: Simply ask Siri to “turn on Night Shift,” and the display changes to a dimmer, yellow hue.

Key Details

  1. Undocumented Feature: Apple has not documented Night Shift for the Apple Watch.
  2. Compatibility: Initially thought to be tied to watchOS 11, Night Shift can also be activated on devices running watchOS 10, such as the Apple Watch Series 9.
  3. Siri-Exclusive Activation: Night Shift can only be activated through Siri. There is no toggle in the Apple Watch Settings app or elsewhere on the device.
  4. Scheduling Mention: Siri refers to scheduling Night Shift in the Settings app, but this option is currently unavailable in both watchOS 10 and watchOS 11.
  5. Model Availability: Night Shift does not seem to be available on all Apple Watch models. Reddit users reported being unable to activate it on Series 5 and lower models.

Implications and Future Updates

  • Accidental Introduction: The sudden availability of Night Shift without an accompanying setting suggests it may have been introduced accidentally.
  • Future Integration: It is possible that a toggle for Night Shift will be introduced in a future version of watchOS 11 or an update to watchOS 10.

Key Points

Key PointDetails
User DiscoveryA Reddit user discovered Siri can activate Night Shift on the Apple Watch.
Activation MethodAsk Siri to “turn on Night Shift” to activate the feature.
Undocumented FeatureApple has not documented Night Shift for the Apple Watch.
CompatibilityAvailable on watchOS 10 and watchOS 11, tested on Apple Watch Series 9.
Siri-Exclusive ActivationNight Shift can only be activated through Siri, no toggle in Settings.
Scheduling MentionSiri mentions scheduling Night Shift, but this is not currently an option.
Model AvailabilityNot available on all models; Series 5 and lower cannot activate Night Shift.
Accidental IntroductionFeature may have been introduced accidentally without a dedicated setting.
Future IntegrationA toggle for Night Shift may be added in future watchOS updates.
Blue Light ReductionNight Shift reduces blue light exposure by adopting a dimmer, yellow hue.
Health BenefitsPotential benefits for sleep and eye strain by reducing blue light exposure.
User ExperienceEnhances user experience by offering a Night Shift option directly on the Apple Watch.
Software UpdateWatch for potential software updates to include a Night Shift toggle.
Community FeedbackReddit users provided feedback and compatibility information for different models.
Apple Watch Feature ExpansionReflects Apple’s ongoing expansion of features for Apple Watch users.

MacReview’s Verdict

The discovery of the Night Shift feature on the Apple Watch showcases Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experience and device functionality. By providing this hidden feature, users can benefit from reduced blue light exposure, potentially improving sleep and reducing eye strain. As Apple continues to update its software, we can anticipate more integrated and accessible features in the future.

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