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Civilization Revolution 2 Review

Even though it is always nice to see a well-known PC game transferred to iOS system, we have seen many disappointments in the last...

Romotive Romo Review

A while back we reviewed Orbotix’s Sphero, which was an incredible toy powered by your iOS device. You can already find numerous remote control...

Alter Review

No matter what iOS version you are currently using, you have access to at least two different ways of creating to-do lists on your...

Mingle: Action Based Contacts Review

Even though Apple’s Contacts app is fully functional and completely usable, there are some things that could be further enhanced. In order to stay...

Feed Wrangler Review

When it comes to RSS feeds, perhaps they are not so popular as a few years back, but they are still a great way...

Symphony Pro 2.4 App Review

Apple has spent a long time marketing the iPad as a content creation device (spurring the competition to make and sell tons of content...

Launch Center Pro 2 Review

After the launch of iOS7 which brought completely overhauled interface, many iOS applications went through the same process. Those shiny and flashy icons don’t...

Watercolors Review

Even though I like to spend my spare time playing an action packed iOS game that can keep me busy for hours, I also...

Dispatch Review

During the last few months it seems that the iOS App Store has been overcrowded with third party e-mail clients. This all started with...

OutSider Review

When it comes to iOS weather apps, The Weather Channel app is certainly one of the most popular. What is interesting to note is...

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