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Our History

MacReview got its start back in early 1995 – a stage now so distant in the web’s expansion that it would appear roughly between the meteorite bombardment and the Great Oxidation if traced over the history of our planet. But we don’t like to dwell on that. Nevertheless undeterred by the primacy of this mysterious new terrain we set about creating an independent, pioneering publication, known then as an “eZine”, dedicated to the Mac we know and love. An eZine (for those of you commendably living in the 21st century) was a stand-alone document – usually in DOCMaker format – that readers could download and view on their computers. We’ve come a long way since then.

The Idea

Our earliest plan was to launch an eZine dedicated to Macintosh shareware and fonts. We figured this would help users decide which programs to download, whilst giving authors some sorely needed exposure. The first issue of “Mac Shareware Review” marked our first ever forray into a new and exciting era of web publishing – a distant memory now of the blossoming platform we know today.

Awards & Encouragement

Six full issues were released as ‘MSR’ continued to evolve rapidly. This was a period of unrelenting change during which we strived to introduce new features and design (admittedly primitive by today’s standards!). By issue #4 we’d begun reviewing commercial software and made the natural progression to “Mac Software Review”.

The newly branded edition exploded in popularity and went on to win an ATPM Award as one of the Top Ten eZines (overall) in 1995. This early encouragement spurred us to create an ever-improving resource for Mac users. By the summer of 1996, however, it was clear the platform on which this resource could thrive was its own, dedicated ‘web-page’. We envisioned a magazine packed with updates, topical information and informed reviews. “Mac Software Review” hit the web in 1996 and within a year we’d made the switch to MacReview.com, symbolic of the fast increasing diversity of our review output. We haven’t looked back.


In 1997 nobody could have predicted the influence the web would go on to exert in the 21st century. But then the same could be said of the Macintosh, and the many new additions to the Apple product line that have followed. Apple has shaped the face of the computing and consumer electronics industry for several decades. At MacReview.com we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of tracing the rise to prominence of many wonderful products. We like to share our passion with you.

Over more than 15 years we’ve moved with the continually changing face of the web, and it is our own pursuit of constant improvement that is at the core of our philosophy. Long ago we were a catch-all publication featuring everything from news to tutorials, and forums to downloads. Now we focus on what we do best: strive to inform educated buying decisions with balanced experience and insight.

MacReview.com Today

We’re one of the few online-only publications with the distinction of being older than many of our readers. But it is this perspective that enriches our output to this day, and it is the pride we source from attracting new generations that continually motivates us to grow.

As Apple moves into the post-Steve Jobs era we hope he will inspire the next generation of pioneers to continue building on his remarkable creations. The combination of functionality, design, experience and thrill with which we all fell in love has plenty more to offer.

Whilst now based in London, MacReview.com itself continues to offer a predominantly US perspective by closely following and reviewing releases in the North American market. We keep our ethos very simple, underpinned by a dedication to quality reviews. Today more than ever our readers are at the heart of what we do – which is why we encourage you everywhere to get involved and give your opinion on the products we analyze. Your insight is valuable too, and as a community we can derive the greatest benefit from our collective experience.

From The MacReview.com Team