Skitch Review

\"Skitch\"One of the popular Mac App Store applications, which is holding its high position within free applications for a long time, is called Skitch. This is an application which allows you to annotate and edit screenshots and images, but you can also use it to create your own graphics, which all depends on your creativity.

Even though it seems quite simple the first time you look at it, Skitch can be used in wide range of professions and services. For example, it can be used as a tool of visual communication between a web designer and a client. Using Skitch, a client can easily take a snapshot of it newly built web page and annotate things which need to be altered, removed or edited. Since we’re deep in digital age, and employers and employees are using online communication to get the job done (many times speaking different languages), this kind of visual communication can be a time saver.

Another important aspect of Skitch’s usability is that it’s developed for Mac and Windows environment, desktop and mobile as well. This gives a strong sense of dedication to a further development, which will surely be a big plus for a future users. The best thing is that it’s completely free and can be easily downloaded (and updated) through Mac App Store on Mac OS X and iOS App Store for iOS devices.

Skitch is a pretty much straightforward application. Once you open it, you can choose if you’d like to take a screenshot, open a new image, or even create a completely blank canvas. After you’ve chosen the right first step, you are going to have a set of basic tools which you can annotate your documents. You can enter text, draw basic shapes, and freeform lines, blur image sections and draw arrow pointing to a places of interest. All of these tools are more than enough to annotate you documents and to prepare them for a visual communication. This will surely save you a lot of time, since you can draw an annotated image in a matter of seconds, instead of writing an e-mail with the deep explanation of what you need to be modified on your project. When you’re finished with a Skitch project, simply choose a file type for your output file and drag it onto the desktop. You’ll see a small section on the bottom of the Skitch windows which says “Drag Me”, which is pretty nice, easy and interesting way to export you finished file.

Finally, there’s one remark. Users are reporting that the recently published version (2.0.1) stripped down some crucial features like the ability to draw a straight line as well as the paint bucket tool. This seems like a very unusual, so we can hope that this will be fixed really soon.

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