Apple Expands Vision Pro Apple Store to New International Markets

Apple has announced the expansion of its Vision Pro to new international markets ahead of the device’s upcoming launch in additional countries. Initially limited to buyers in the United States since its February launch, the Vision Pro is set to make its debut in several new regions, further solidifying Apple’s presence in the global tech market.

Vision Pro International Expansion

The Apple Vision Pro will be available in the following countries on these dates:

June 28 Launch:

  • China: As one of the largest and most lucrative markets for technology products, the Vision Pro’s entry into China marks a significant milestone for Apple. The Chinese market’s appetite for premium gadgets ensures a strong demand for the Vision Pro.
  • Hong Kong: Known for its tech-savvy population and status as a major financial hub, Hong Kong is an ideal market for the Vision Pro’s premium features.
  • Japan: With its advanced technological landscape and consumers who are keen adopters of new technology, Japan is a strategic addition to the Vision Pro’s market.
  • Singapore: As a leading technology and financial center in Southeast Asia, Singapore presents a valuable market for the Vision Pro.

July 12 Launch:

  • Australia: Australia’s robust economy and high consumer spending on technology make it a key market for the Vision Pro.
  • Canada: Canada has a significant market with a strong base of Apple product adopters, making it a crucial addition for the Vision Pro’s international rollout.
  • France: Known for its luxury market, France aligns well with the Vision Pro’s premium positioning.
  • Germany: Europe’s largest economy and a hub for technological innovation, Germany is a critical market for Apple’s high-end products.
  • United Kingdom: With a substantial number of Apple enthusiasts, the UK is an important market for the Vision Pro’s expansion.

Pre-Order Details

First Wave: Pre-orders for China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore started on June 13.

Second Wave: Pre-orders for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom will begin on June 28.

Apple Store Availability

Apple has informed developers that their apps and games will be automatically available on the Vision Pro platform in the regions selected through App Store Connect. The visionOS app availability, along with iPad and iPhone apps on the headset, can be managed via the App Store Connect interface. This seamless integration ensures that developers can efficiently reach new markets without additional hassle.


The Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 in the United States, with similar pricing in local currency in the countries where it will be launching. This premium pricing reflects the advanced features and cutting-edge technology that the Vision Pro offers.

Key Points:

  1. Expansion to New Markets: Apple is bringing the Vision Pro to a wider audience by expanding its availability to key international markets, ensuring that more consumers can experience its innovative technology.
  2. Developer Information: Developers can manage their apps’ availability through App Store Connect, ensuring a seamless transition as the Vision Pro reaches new regions. This facilitates a broader distribution of apps and games tailored for the Vision Pro.
  3. Pre-Order and Launch Dates: The staggered pre-order and launch dates allow for a phased rollout, ensuring ample preparation time for each market. This methodical approach helps Apple manage supply and demand efficiently.
  4. Pricing Consistency: The Vision Pro maintains its premium pricing across different markets, reflecting its high-end features and capabilities. This consistent pricing strategy reinforces the Vision Pro’s position as a top-tier product.

Detailed Breakdown of Vision Pro Expansion:

June 28 Launch:

  • China: Vision Pro will debut in the largest market in the world, offering significant growth potential.
  • Hong Kong: A key financial hub with a strong appetite for premium tech products.
  • Japan: Known for its tech-savvy consumers, Japan is a strategic market for Apple.
  • Singapore: A major tech and financial center in Southeast Asia.

July 12 Launch:

  • Australia: With a robust economy and high consumer spending on technology.
  • Canada: A significant market with strong Apple product adoption.
  • France: Known for its luxury market, aligning well with the premium Vision Pro.
  • Germany: Europe’s largest economy and a crucial market for tech innovation.
  • United Kingdom: A key market with a strong base of Apple enthusiasts.

By expanding the availability of the Vision Pro, Apple is poised to capture a larger share of the global market for high-end tech devices. The strategic rollout in phases ensures that each market is adequately prepared for the launch, offering developers and consumers a seamless experience.

MacReview Verdict

With the expansion of the Vision Pro to new international markets, Apple is set to enhance its global footprint and provide more users with access to its cutting-edge technology. Developers will benefit from increased exposure and new opportunities, while consumers around the world can look forward to experiencing the innovative features of the Vision Pro.

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