Apple Launches Star Wars-Inspired Commercial Highlighting iPhone 15’s ‘Find Your Friends’ Capability

Apple has once again captured the imagination of its audience, this time with a new video advertisement that promotes the ‘Find Your Friends’ feature integrated into the Find My app on all iPhone 15 models. Set against the backdrop of a Star Wars-themed narrative, the ad cleverly demonstrates the practicality and technological sophistication of this innovative feature.

Exploring ‘Find Your Friends’ Feature:

The ‘Find Your Friends’ feature is a significant enhancement in Apple’s suite of location-based services. Leveraging technology similar to that used in AirTag’s Precision Finding, this function allows users to pinpoint the exact location of their friends through their iPhones, provided both parties have an iPhone 15.

Inside the Star Wars-Themed Ad Campaign:

In the advertisement, viewers are transported to a crowded convention center bustling with fans dressed in various Star Wars costumes. The highlight is a person attired as a Mandalorian who uses the ‘Find Your Friends’ to locate fellow Mandalorians. This engaging scenario not only resonates with fans of the franchise but also showcases the feature’s utility in navigating busy environments.

Step-by-Step Usage Guide:

  1. Activation: Both users must enable the ‘Find Your Friends’ feature within the Find My app on their iPhone 15.
  2. Locating a Friend: Upon entering the name of the friend you wish to find, the app provides real-time directions and distance, guided by an on-screen directional arrow.

Practical Applications and Benefits:

  • Daily Convenience: Whether meeting friends in a park or locating a group in a large shopping mall, ‘Find Your Friends’ adds a layer of convenience and safety.
  • Event Navigation: Particularly useful at concerts, festivals, or conventions, this feature ensures that no one gets lost in the crowd.

Precision Finding Technology Explained:

Precision Finding employs a combination of ultra-wideband technology, augmented reality, and sound feedback to guide users to their exact location. This not only enhances accuracy but also improves user confidence in the app’s reliability.

Enhancing User Experience:

The ‘Find Your Friends’ feature goes beyond mere functionality; it enhances social interactions and safety. Users have expressed appreciation for how the feature transforms their social dynamics, allowing for smoother meet-ups and less anxiety in crowded settings.


With the ‘Find Your Friends’ feature, Apple continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with personal technology. The new Star Wars-themed advertisement not only highlights the feature’s capabilities but also taps into the cultural zeitgeist, making it a memorable addition to Apple’s marketing efforts. Looking ahead, the integration of such features is likely to become more prevalent, further enhancing the social connectivity provided by mobile technology.

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