Apple Pay Expands to Desktop Browsers with iOS 18

This week, Apple previewed an exciting new system that will allow iPhone users who update to iOS 18 to use Apple Pay in any desktop web browser, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and others. This major expansion allows the computer running the browser to be a Windows PC, significantly broadening the accessibility and usability of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay in Any Desktop Browser


  • Cross-Browser Support: iPhone users with iOS 18 can use Apple Pay in desktop web browsers beyond Safari, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and others. This new feature marks a significant expansion from the previous limitation to Safari on a Mac.
  • Compatibility: The computer running the browser can even be a Windows PC, not just a Mac, enhancing the versatility of Apple Pay.

How It Works

  1. Website Implementation:
    • Any website that implements the latest version of Apple Pay will support this new system.
  2. Checkout Process:
    • When a customer checks out with Apple Pay in a desktop browser other than Safari, a code will appear on the screen.
    • This code can be scanned using the Camera app on an iPhone running iOS 18 or later.
    • Scanning the code allows users to complete the purchase on their iPhone, providing a seamless and secure transaction experience.

Developer Insights

  • Adoption Time: According to a WWDC 2024 coding session, it will take some time for website developers to adopt the latest Apple Pay SDK, so this feature will not be widely available on the web immediately.
  • Details Provided: Apple provided more details about this system in the WWDC 2024 session, highlighting the steps developers need to take to integrate this feature into their websites.

Key Features

  • Cross-Browser Support:
    • Use Apple Pay in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers.
    • Works on Windows PCs, not just Macs.
  • Easy Checkout:
    • Code appears on the screen during checkout.
    • Scan the code with the Camera app on an iPhone running iOS 18 or later.
    • Complete the purchase on the iPhone.
  • Developer Integration:
    • Latest Apple Pay SDK required.
    • WWDC 2024 coding session provides detailed implementation steps.


  • Beta Release: iOS 18 is currently in beta.
  • General Release: iOS 18 is expected to be widely released in September.

MacReview Verdict

The expansion of Apple Pay to any desktop web browser with iOS 18 is a game-changer, enhancing the flexibility and reach of this secure payment system. With support for multiple browsers and Windows PCs, Apple Pay becomes more accessible and convenient for users. As developers adopt the latest Apple Pay SDK, this feature will revolutionize online shopping, offering a seamless and secure checkout experience across various platforms.

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