iOS 18 Wallet App: New Features and Enhancements


iOS 18 introduces a suite of enhancements to the Wallet app on the iPhone, offering new features for Apple Pay, Apple Cash, event tickets, and more. Below, we outline everything new for the Wallet app based on information from Apple’s press release and a WWDC 2024 coding session.

iOS 18 Wallet Features

Redesigned Event Tickets

  • New Design: Event tickets have an all-new design in the Wallet app on iOS 18. This includes relevant information such as a map of the stadium or other venues, local weather forecasts, and recommended Apple Music playlists for concerts.
  • Live Activities: Event tickets now work with the Live Activities feature. This allows users to view their seating information on the Lock Screen and in the Dynamic Island when they are near the venue. Live Activities also appear on the Apple Watch on watchOS 11.

Tap to Cash

  • Easy Transactions: The new Tap to Cash feature allows users in the U.S. to send and receive Apple Cash by simply holding two iPhones together. This feature simplifies peer-to-peer transactions and enhances the usability of Apple Cash.

Tap to Add New Cards to Wallet App

  • Tap to Provision: This new feature in iOS 18 allows users to add eligible credit or debit cards to the Wallet app by simply tapping their card on the back of their iPhone. Initially, this feature will be available only in select countries.

Apple Pay in Any Desktop Browser

  • Cross-Browser Support: iPhone users with iOS 18 can use Apple Pay in desktop web browsers beyond Safari, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and others. The computer running the browser can even be a Windows PC instead of a Mac.
  • Easy Checkout: When checking out with Apple Pay in a desktop browser, a code will appear on the screen. This code can be

scanned using the Camera app on an iPhone running iOS 18 or later, allowing users to complete the purchase on their iPhone.

Apple Pay Adds Credit Card Rewards

  • Redeem Rewards: Starting with iOS 18, Apple Pay allows users to redeem rewards and access installment loan offerings from eligible credit and debit cards.
    • U.S.: The ability to redeem rewards will be available with Discover and Synchrony, and across Apple Pay issuers with Fiserv.
    • Installments: This feature will roll out in Australia with ANZ, in Spain with CaixaBank, in the U.K. with HSBC and Monzo, and in the U.S. with Citi, Synchrony, and issuers with Fiserv.
    • Apply for Loans: Users in the U.S. will be able to apply for loans directly through Affirm when they check out with Apple Pay.

Apple Card Data in More Budget Apps

  • FinanceKit API: Apple has made its FinanceKit API available to all developers. This means that any finance or budgeting app can display Apple Card, Apple Card Savings, and Apple Cash balance and transaction details with a user’s permission.
    • Previously Limited: This feature debuted with iOS 17.4 but was limited to select apps like Copilot.

Key Features

  • Redesigned Event Tickets:
    • New design with relevant info.
    • Integration with Live Activities.
    • Appears on Apple Watch with watchOS 11.
  • Tap to Cash:
    • Send and receive Apple Cash by holding two iPhones together.
  • Tap to Add New Cards:
    • Add credit or debit cards by tapping on the back of the iPhone.
    • Available in select countries.
  • Apple Pay in Any Desktop Browser:
    • Support for browsers beyond Safari, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
    • Works on Windows PCs.
    • Easy checkout with a scannable code.
  • Apple Pay Adds Credit Card Rewards:
    • Redeem rewards in the U.S. with Discover and Synchrony.
    • Installment loans in multiple countries.
    • Apply for loans directly through Affirm.
  • Apple Card Data in More Budget Apps:
    • FinanceKit API available to all developers.
    • Integration with finance and budgeting apps.

MacReview Verdict

The enhancements to the Wallet app in iOS 18 bring a host of new features that enhance user convenience and functionality. From redesigned event tickets and easier transactions with Tap to Cash to expanded Apple Pay capabilities and integration with budgeting apps, these updates make the Wallet app more versatile and user-friendly.

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