Apple Unveils iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max Dimensions: Bigger, Better, and Slimmer

This year, Apple is set to revamp the dimensions of its flagship iPhones, marking the first significant size upgrade in years. Details about the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max dimensions have finally been disclosed, showcasing larger screens with slimmer bezels.

Dimensional Enhancements

iPhone 16 Pro:

  • Thickness: Stays consistent at 8.25 mm
  • Height: Increases to 149.6 mm from 146.6 mm
  • Width: Expands slightly to 71.45 mm from 70.60 mm
  • Display: Grows to 6.3 inches from 6.1 inches
  • Screen Border: Reduces to 1.2 mm from 1.71 mm
  • Weight: Rises to 194 grams from 187 grams

iPhone 16 Pro Max:

  • Thickness: Marginally thicker at 8.26 mm
  • Height: Rises to 163.0 mm from 159.9 mm
  • Width: Broadens to 77.58 mm from 76.70 mm
  • Display: Extends to 6.9 inches from 6.7 inches
  • Screen Border: Cuts down to 1.15 mm from 1.55 mm
  • Weight: Increases to 225 grams from 221 grams

Despite larger overall dimensions, both models feature reduced screen borders. This year’s design innovation utilizes Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology, enhancing circuitry layout under the display and achieving slimmer bezels compared to last year’s models, which used low-injection pressure over-molding (LIPO).

Comparative Overview and New Features

Here is a detailed comparison table contrasting the key specifications between the iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Pro Max, and their predecessors:

FeatureiPhone 16 ProiPhone 15 ProiPhone 16 Pro MaxiPhone 15 Pro Max
Thickness8.25 mm8.25 mm8.26 mm8.25 mm
Height149.6 mm146.6 mm163.0 mm159.9 mm
Width71.45 mm70.60 mm77.58 mm76.70 mm
Display Size6.3 inches6.1 inches6.9 inches6.7 inches
Screen Border1.2 mm1.71 mm1.15 mm1.55 mm
Weight194 grams187 grams225 grams221 grams
Bezel Reduction30% reduction26% reduction
Display TypeAdvanced OLEDOLEDAdvanced OLEDOLED
New FeaturesCapture button,Capture button,
new modem chips,new modem chips,
enhanced cameraenhanced camera
TechnologyBRS TechnologyLIPO TechnologyBRS TechnologyLIPO Technology

Anticipated User Experience Improvements

  • Ergonomics: The narrower bezels allow for a larger display without significantly increasing the overall size of the phone, enhancing user comfort and display immersion.
  • Visual Enhancement: Users transitioning from older Pro models will notice substantial improvements in screen space and image clarity due to the reduced bezels.

In addition to physical changes, the new iPhone models boast upgrades in camera technology, a new Capture button, enhanced modem chips, fresh color choices, and more, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Professional Analysis and Market Implications

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are poised to set new standards in the smartphone market, not only in terms of design but also in user experience and technological advancements. The strategic reduction in bezel size aligns with consumer preferences for larger screens without cumbersome increases in phone size, likely appealing to both current Apple users and potential switchers from other brands.

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