Future iPhones and Apple Watches May Support NFC Multi-Action Tap

iPhones and Apple Watches could soon support multiple functions via NFC at once, according to the NFC Forum.

The NFC Forum, a leading authority in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has released its first look at NFC Multi-Purpose Tap. This advanced technology allows for several actions with a single tap, aiming to improve convenience in various NFC applications such as point-to-point receipt delivery, loyalty programs, identification, and comprehensive transit ticketing.

Apple, a key member of the NFC Forum, likely played a role in developing this technology. NFC was first introduced by Apple in the iPhone 6 and the original Apple Watch, primarily for Apple Pay to enable contactless payments.

With NFC Multi-Purpose Tap, iPhone users could complete multiple transactions with a single tap. For example, users could make payments, earn loyalty points, and receive receipts all at once. The potential uses are extensive, including retail payments and public transportation. Users could tap their iPhone to:

  1. Make payments
  2. Earn loyalty points
  3. Receive receipts
  4. Apply discounts

Given Apple’s membership in the NFC Forum, it is highly probable that NFC Multi-Purpose Tap will be integrated into future iPhones and Apple Watches. Apple consistently updates its devices to support new NFC functionalities, like reading NFC tags and enhancing interactions with a broader range of NFC devices.

Key Advantages of NFC Multi-Purpose Tap:

  • Convenience: Execute multiple actions with one tap.
  • Efficiency: Combine transactions, saving time on separate actions.
  • Integration: Seamlessly merge various functions such as payments, loyalty points, and receipt management.
  • Improved User Experience: Simplifies processes in retail and public transportation, making daily activities more convenient.

Potential Applications:

  • Retail Payments: Make purchases and collect loyalty points simultaneously.
  • Public Transportation: Tap to pay for rides, apply discounts, and receive travel receipts.
  • Identification: Use for secure access and identity verification.
  • Loyalty Programs: Automatically accumulate points and rewards with purchases.

Apple’s ongoing participation in the NFC Forum indicates that NFC Multi-Purpose Tap will be a valuable addition to future iPhones and Apple Watches. As NFC technology advances, users can expect more integrated and convenient ways to use their devices.


The anticipated introduction of NFC Multi-Purpose Tap in future iPhones and Apple Watches promises to enhance user convenience and efficiency. By enabling multiple actions with a single tap, this technology will streamline transactions and simplify everyday tasks, making it a highly awaited feature for Apple users.

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