macOS 15 Compatibility Leak Surfaces Before Apple’s WWDC Keynote

With the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) just hours away, a well-known leaker has divulged important data regarding the impending macOS 15. This upcoming operating system from Apple is keenly anticipated, and leaked material sheds some light on which Mac models will support the new version.

Compatibility Details for macOS 15

According to the source, who has a track record for accuracy, macOS 15 will be supported on:

  • Apple silicon Macs starting from those equipped with the M1 chip and newer.
  • Intel-based Macs that come with Apple’s T2 security chip.

This suggests that macOS 15 will continue the compatibility trend set by its predecessor, macOS Sonoma, with most of the same Mac models supported, except potentially for one significant exception.

Potential Exclusion of the 2019 iMac

The 2019 iMac, which does not feature the T2 chip, was compatible with macOS Sonoma. There is now uncertainty whether this model will transition to macOS 15. If the T2 chip requirement is enforced, only iMacs from 2020 onward would be supported under the new operating system.

Comprehensive Compatibility List for macOS 15

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Mac models expected to support macOS 15:

  • MacBook Pro: Models from 2018 and later.
  • MacBook Air: Models from 2018 and later.
  • Mac mini: Models from 2018 and later.
  • iMac: Tentatively from 2020 onwards, depending on the T2 chip requirement.
  • iMac Pro: The 2017 model remains compatible.
  • Mac Studio: Starting with the 2022 models.
  • Mac Pro: Models from 2019 onward.

Enhanced Features and Limitations

While macOS 15 is anticipated to support a broad array of Intel-based Macs, it’s important to note that on-device AI capabilities will likely be restricted to Macs with Apple silicon. These devices include a Neural Engine, designed to handle advanced AI tasks more effectively, suggesting a split in functionality based on hardware capabilities.

Source Credibility and Anonymity

The leaker, maintaining anonymity on the platform X, has historically provided accurate insights into Apple’s software updates, making this information particularly noteworthy. Their choice to remain unnamed and the absence of a direct link to their account, however, means the full details and confirmation will only be available during the official WWDC announcement.

MacReview verdict

As Apple prepares to unveil macOS 15 at the WWDC keynote, these leaks have set the stage for what users can expect in terms of device compatibility and new features. The full reveal will confirm the accuracy of the leaked information and provide a complete overview of all the enhancements and capabilities of macOS 15. The actual name for macOS 15, still shrouded in mystery, will also be a significant highlight of the announcement.

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