Samsung’s Clever Comeback to Apple’s “Crush!” Ad

Samsung has swiftly capitalized on the backlash from Apple’s controversial “Crush!” ad for the M4 iPad Pro by releasing a new advertisement for the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, featuring the tagline “Creativity cannot be crushed.”

Apple’s “Crush!” Ad Controversy

Apple’s ad, intended to showcase the M4 iPad Pro’s versatility, depicted a hydraulic press crushing various creative tools, symbolizing the iPad Pro as a multifaceted device. However, this imagery backfired. Critics, especially from the creative community, interpreted the ad as a metaphor for Big Tech’s negative impact on individual creativity and the creative industries. The social media backlash was significant, prompting Apple to cancel planned TV spots for the ad and issue a public apology, admitting the campaign “missed the mark.”

Samsung’s Strategic Response

Recognizing a marketing opportunity, Samsung launched its own ad in response. The ad features a musician navigating the aftermath of the hydraulic press’s destruction, retrieving a damaged guitar. The musician then sits beside an easel with a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra displaying musical notation and performs a piece of music, symbolizing resilience and the enduring nature of creativity. Samsung shared this ad on Twitter, emphasizing, “We would never crush creativity.”

Historical Context of Samsung’s Ad Campaigns

This latest ad is part of a longstanding trend of Samsung mocking Apple’s product decisions and design choices. Past ads have targeted Apple’s removal of the headphone jack and the lack of a foldable smartphone lineup, among other things. Samsung’s consistent strategy is to highlight perceived shortcomings in Apple’s products while positioning its own offerings as superior alternatives that better support creative expression and innovation.

MacReview Verdict

Samsung’s timely and strategic response to Apple’s advertising misstep underscores the competitive nature of the tech industry and highlights the importance of aligning marketing messages with the values of the creative community. Samsung’s campaign reinforces its commitment to supporting creativity, contrasting sharply with the negative perceptions triggered by Apple’s “Crush!” ad.

Samsung’s ad not only leverages the controversy surrounding Apple’s campaign but also reinforces its brand identity as a champion of creativity. By capitalizing on Apple’s error, Samsung effectively positions the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra as a superior tool for creative professionals, potentially swaying public perception and gaining favor among the creative community.

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