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LogMeIn Logo

LogMeIn Review

Are you in need of a free application that allows you to remotely access your Apple computer, either using a Mac or a PC?...

Dropbox Review

Dropbox provides users a way to create a folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox can then synchronize so that it displays as...

Jawbone Jambox Review

If you closely inspect Apple’s online store, you’ll see that one category stands out, in terms of popularity. This category belongs to those innovative...
Mophie battery cases for iPhone

Mophie Battery Cases for iPhone Review

Apple’s portable devices are known for their long battery life. This was always one of the important aspects in comparison to other competitive companies....
Griffin StudioConnect

Griffin StudioConnect for iPad Review

Apple products have always been popular throughout creative industries. Almost every high-end music studio uses at least one Apple product, hardware or software. Their...
Kingston Wi-Drive

Kingston Wi-Drive Review

During the last few years a couple of new trends gained attention in our digital world: smart phones and tablets became mainstream products. This...
Royal TSX

Royal TSX Review

When we talk about RDP clients for Mac, there are not many choices. Now a powerful and full featured remote desktop application called Royal...

Skitch Review

One of the popular Mac App Store applications, which is holding its high position within free applications for a long time, is called Skitch....

AutoCAD WS for Mac and iOS Review

AutoCAD is one of the standard tools for 2D and 3D designs for a wide range of engineering services and professions. It’s almost unimaginable...
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