uTorrent Review

\"uTorrent\"uTorrent is a free, BitTorrent client owned by by BitTorrent, Inc.  It has a small memory footprint which translates to it using very minimal computer resources while offering just as much functionality in comparison with bigger BitTorrent clients on offer across the web.

uTorrent offers a myriad of features from bandwidth prioritization where you can manually set download and upload limits, scheduling, toolbar customization, RSS auto-downloading to name a few.

I have used quite a few peer-to-peer clients in the past but what really sets this app apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that this one was written with efficiency in mind.  Unlike so many others that came before it, uTorrent will not eat up your Mac\’s system resources; it usually uses less than 6MB of memory thereby allowing you to utilize your Mac without even noticing the app running in the background.

You also have the option to utilize a variety of icons, toolbar graphics and status icon substitutes thus affording you the chance to create your very own personalized user interface.

uTorrent provides a Preferences tab from where you can opt to start downloads automatically, customize user prompts, launch the app when your Mac starts up and quite a few other options. These add up to the over all appeal of such a minimalist type of app, yet packing a lot of features just waiting to be explored.

uTorrent also offers a bountiful set of data for whichever file you are currently downloading. The data shows in detail just how much percentage wise has already been downloaded, the time remaining to download completion, trackers, the file\’s breakdown, the number of seeds, peers available and a line graph that shows you just how fast your file is being downloaded in real time.

If say you are in a hurry and will not be able to wait till the file finishes downloading, you can simply quit the application and continue your download at your most convenient time.  The app will simply pick up where it left off.  Lastly, if you are trying to skimp on your bandwidth and would like to direct it for use on something urgent, say to stream a short video online your eager to watch at that particular moment, as opposed to quitting the app altogether. Then you can simply pause it by clicking Stop and the download speed simply goes back down to zero ready to be restarted at a moment\’s notice.

MacReview.com Verdict:

All in all, there is not much to complain about uTorrent.  It has an appealing user interface that is easy on the eyes and does not skimp on details especially for people addicted to the minutest of details.  It also offers a lot of customization options.

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