Yate Review

\"\"Most of us have lots of music, and we love to keep our music organized. As we get music from different sources, our music files have different tags with different genres, artists, and song titles. Sometimes the information is incorrect for the song information. So we need to clean that mess and put correct info in them.

Now there is an app called Yate, that does this work perfectly. It is an audio file tagging app which supports mp3, m4a, flac files. This app can edit metadata, and also get all your music organized.

How To Tag
When you open Yate for the first time, you will be prompted to take a look at help. If you know how to tag music files in the past, then probably you won’t need any help. The interface is simple enough to get you started right away.

To add music files, go to File menu and select Open. Then your music files will be added to the library and shown in the left side. One thing you should not try is to open hundreds of files at once. It will take some time to open all the files.

When you select a song and album, in the right side, you can see all the information about that file similar iTunes. There you can edit the title, artist, genre, year, etc. This is simple. There are also tabs like iTunes,  that you can edit extra information like credits, lyricist or musicians even the mood and the language of the song. Also you can add copyright information, publisher and link to the music too. If you do not have album art, then you can insert it via Artwork Search button. It supports automatic info tagging from Discogs, MusicBrainz or iTunes also. Click on Save and all the information you have entered will be saved or tagged.

MacReview.com Verdict:
If you are looking for a powerful tagging app for your music files, Yate is the perfect app for you. It basically does what can be done in iTunes. It has some extra fields to fill out some more information about the song, album publishers, copyrights. If you want to try, then get it from the website below.

Before using Yates, you should consult Help to get started easily if you do not understand what and how it is done.

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