AppZapper Review

\"AppZapper\"If you are a Mac user, then you must know how painful it is to uninstall or remove an application completely. We often install a lot of apps without thinking of the deleting process.  However, in Mac OS X, there is no option to uninstall an app. Apple instructs us to you just delete the app from Applications folder, but in reality it does not uninstall completely. The associative files still lie in your hard drive. To solve this problem, you can rely on a fantastic app called AppZapper. I have been using this app for a long time, and it is the best among similar apps. Recently the app was updated from version 1.8 to 2.0.1 with many new features. Let\’s take a look at it\’s main features.

The sleek and simple interface that you first saw in 1.0 has yet to leave this app. You only drag any app to it\’s window or onto the icon that is located on the Dock. It will display the app and all the files associated with it. You can choose which files you will remove also with check boxes. You can hit the Zap!, button, or cancel.

\"AppZapperNow let\’s move to it\’s new features, Hit List and MyApps. If you have ever used Windows (most of us have), you might remember the Add/Remove program feature of Windows. AppZapper is similar, but really it is much more than that. It displays all the apps, widgets, preference panes, screen savers from your HD in a beautiful window with dark background. The app browser has many functionalities. You can choose between apps and plugins. Select an app and it will show you it\’s associative files below in a drawer. You hit Zap! and they are gone.


\"AppZapper\"AppZapperThe second new feature is My Apps. It keeps registration entries and licenses of the apps you have purchased. You will be amazed when you see it. You drag applications to the window and it changes the design to a card with barcode. Upon clicking on a card, it flips and shows the information regarding that app, name, version, purchase info and license info. You can either enter manually or drop the license file on it. Verdict:

If you have never used it before, then you must try it to appreciate it\’s great features. It is available for $12.95. In trial mode, you can zap 5 apps. Download the app from the link below. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.2 or later to run.

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