Carousel Review

\"Carousel\"We love Instagram, both on iOS or Android. What happens when we are out of reach from our phone, then what? Instagram does not have a web based interface. Here Carousel comes to rescue us Mac users. It is one of the best Instagram clients for Mac.

Carousel shows your Instagram feeds in a slick UI which looks like a vintage photo album. You can view your feed, favorites, photos, popular photos in tabs and search by five buttons located at the bottom.

\"Carousel\"Each picture in the photo-stream shows the user\’s photo, the date it was posted, likes and comments. It shows the location of the image if your phone supports geo-tagging. You can view the user\’s profile if you click on the user\’s avatar. The likes are shown in heart and comments are in bubble. By pressing the bubble, you can comment and to like just press the heart or double click on the image. It also shows who have liked or commented. There is a refresh button at the bottom left corner.

Carousal has a number of shortcuts built-in. It supports QuickLook so that you can view the images fullscreen in high resolution. It comes with four themes and supports Growl notification.You can save the image by dragging and dropping or Command-S.Easily pin tags, locations and people to the search tab so you can follow them.

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