Things 2

Things 2 Review

\"ThingsWe all have many things to do. To keep track of the lists, we have to write or note them down so we can manage them in the most productive way. Today we will review a to-do-list app called Things. This app is currently in 2 version. Recently it has some major improvements such as Cloud sync.

It does rely on Apples iCloud, but uses its own cloud called Things Cloud to store data and sync. It is completely free. It can be activated from the Preferences window. You are required to put just your email and password, then you are good to go. It syncs data automatically whenever your to-do-list changes or if you edit your projects. Things Cloud keeps your to-dos and have them updated on your Mac or iOS devices. It is incredibly fast. It works great.

\"ThingsAnother main feature is Daily Review. If you have any to-dos scheduled for today, it will automatically shows in Today list. It also shows if any works that have been pending or postponed. It is a very handy feature if you tend to forget any important work. It also displays to-dos coming up next and schedules for later.

It helps you to keep things organized. You can group your projects and to-do-lists together also and name them such as “Hobby”, “Very Imp”, “Home”, “Work” or anything you want. You can tag your to-do-lists also for better management, like Home for repairs and shopping for purchasing items.

\"ThingsWe sometimes forget things if we don’t note them immediately. Things let us use  keyboard shortcuts. It has an Autofill shortcut so that you can add anything from any application you want. You can add your own note also without copying from any app in the Quick Entry window. Suppose you are reading an article on Safari and it has a to-do-list. Select the area you want to copy and press the Autofill shortcut and the Quick Entry window will appear. It will be automatically copied into notes and saved. It’s very useful since you don’t have to open the app itself to make an entry. It works from many applications such as Safari, Mail, Finder, Messages etc.

Things 2 has Apple’s Reminders app integration. You can import to-dos from the Reminders app. You can even export lists to the Reminders app, but some features are not supported such as tags, projects etc.

It fully supports new Mac OS X technologies. It also was updated for new Retina Mac. It has full screen mode support, AppleScript support, and much more. Things won the Apple Design Award, Macworld Best of Show Award and Macworld Editors’ Choice Award. Things 2 is now available only via Mac App Store for $49.99. The trial version can be obtained from their website. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. If you are running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard you have to the older version which uses Legacy Sync.

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